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by Susan Mason

Yup, it's true.

I'm offering the images you see on this page for you to use, free of charge on your personal home page--but even "free" costs something. My work is LINKWARE. That means you are required to link back to my home page in exchange for the use of my work. You can create a simple text link, or you may use one of the graphics I'll be creating for this purpose. Until I have graphics available, you are expected to create a text link back to my home page: <>

My artwork is copyrighted, and you may not alter it in any way, shape or form without my expressed, written permission, and you may only use it in the manner specified above.

You must download the image(s) you wish to use and place them on your own server. Do NOT link to them here. If you do, I will be forced to take this page down.

If you wish to use my artwork for a site or project that is business oriented, or for a purpose other than your personal web site, you must write me for permission, and/or purchase information.

My work is also available for purchase as a clip art collection, and note cards for personal correspondence with lots of curves and "fattitude"! Support the fat arts:-)


Rear View Nude Embossed Blue background tile Rear View Nude Embossed Green background tile Rear View Nude Embossed Mauve background tile
Rear View Nude Embossed Salmon background tile Rear View Nude Embossed Lilac background tile Rear View Nude Embossed Rose background tile

Bordered Backgrounds

The first image below will appear on your web page as a left-border graphic with a solid burgundy background to the right. It is large enough to work on a screen/page with up to 800x600 resolution. The second image with appear to have the graphic border on either side of the page with the green
in the middle.

Rear View Nude Embossed Bordered background

If you have questions about, or problems with this page, please drop me a line.

Depending on the response to this page, I might consider creating more free graphics, backgrounds and wallpapers. Your comments and input are welcome.

I would also appreciate knowing how, and where you've used my artwork. If you send me the url, I will link to it from my site:-)

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This page was updated on February 3, 1999