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(Updated, altered, enhanced--screwed with...September 14, 2001)

In its first incarnation, I really had no idea what I wanted my home page to do, or be.  Basically, I'm a private person--which may seem contradictory because I've done so much in the public eye--but those two facets of my being are not mutually exclusive.  And then it came to me:  My body size has always been very public and visible, even when I didn't feel I was.  People around me made judgements and assumptions about who I was and what I was based on my physical countenance.  Not only were a lot of those judgements hurtful, and untrue, they were invasive.
Suddenly, my "mission" became clearer.  I needed to find a way to explain who I was without compromising my privacy, and in the process, hopefully give voice to those who'd been plagued and put upon in many of the same ways.  It didn't take long for me to discover that I was onto something.  The email I've received tells me that I struck a nerve by speaking openly and unapologetically.  In essence, I "came out" as fat on the internet much the same way I'd "come out" as fat on stage doing stand up, and on television.

I first put my site up in the spring of 1996, and in nearly five years, you've expressed your support, your disdain, your empathy and your occasional appreciation to me for "having the guts" to put myself out there.  For those of you who feel I've spoken for you, I am grateful for your kind words.  None of us get through this life unscathed--we all have battle scars and have been wounded in some way, shape or form.  What sets us apart as fat people is that we wear our different-ness on the outside.  We can't hide what sets us apart the way long sleeves can hide track marks on a junkie, or make up can hide a scar.

As human beings, we have the ability to reason, express ourselves and work through our pain creatively.  I use the written word, my art, and performance to express my fear, pain, anger and joy.  I use those gifts to nurture and heal myself.  Hopefully I can share what I learn with those around me so that we can all learn constructive ways to cope with the things that we don't always understand or have control over.

To that end, I've created and maintained this site as a tangible body of work I can refer to when I worry that I haven't done enough, and there's a way for me to communicate with people I might never have met otherwise.
Here you'll find some examples of my artwork--most of it illustrations and affectionate caricatures of fat women...because I draw what I know;-)  I also sell my artwork in the form of clip art, note cards, and other goodies (coming soon--stay tuned!)  I'm also adding a new section--an on line portfolio, if you will, to share some of my writing.  Some of it revolves around my being fat, some of it does not...but as always, I write what I know.  I've been on this earth for 45 years this time 'round (not sure if I've been here before, but just in case;) and while I'm often plagued with the same doubts as everyone else, I do have a history and a body of work.  I've been blessed to know some amazing people who've believed in me and influenced me.  They have helped me learn who I am and who I want to be, and though some of them are no longer among us in the living present, I believe they're reflected in my personality, my artwork, my writing and my dreams.
Looking for the ultimate nosh? If you e-mail me before midnight December 31, 2001, you will receive a reply from me in which I will include my Mother's famous chopped liver recipe! (I was going to limit this offer to the first 10,000 visitors to my page, but really good chopped liver is hard to come by...so in the interest of really good chopped liver, I have decided to extend my offer!

I am an actor, comic, singer, artist and writer who happens to be a short, fat, (Supersized) Jewish woman...and, at the risk of sounding mercenary, I might be "available"...if...you are single, intelligent, male, and don't believe that "monogamy is a rash you get from sleeping with the same person all the time!" And let's get something straight right up front...if words like pardon, parole and clemency are pertinent to your future, we probably don't have one together ;-) And, though it should go without saying--especially if you've read this far--If you have a problem, prejudice, issue or phobia about fat, (in any way, shape, or form,) do us both a favor and "walk on by." The term "supersized" generally refers to someone 350 lbs, or more. I am (without apology) *MORE*.

If you are connected, involved in artist management, or sleeping with someone whose cousin has an uncle who has a best friend who knows someone in show-biz, CLICK HERE to view my resume!

My Fat History includes pictures and memories of growing up fat. It has been difficult to document, but what you'll read there is indelibly imprinted upon me, and I feel the information there might help someone not lead their child down the same paths I traveled. Most of the mail I receive in response to My Fat History is heart-wrenching, and I know that difficult as it is to do, sharing my history has been the right thing. My Fat History will continue to be a "work in progress" for some time to come. I have many photos I've yet to scan and add, and so much more to tell. My heartfelt thanks to so many of you for taking the time to voice your support for My Fat History, and for sharing your own painful memories. There is strength in numbers...As a result of your response, I am going to do something I've managed to avoid for quite some time: I am going to write about my gastroplasty surgery (stomach stapling) and post it here. I hope to have it completed soon. I receive email every week from desperate people contemplating weight loss surgeries, aware that it might cost them their lives--but in the throes of despair, that doesn't seem too high a price to pay--but every now and then, someone "gets it," and saves their own life because survivors like me weren't afraid to share what we've been through. I've been there. January 12, 1982 was the date of my surgery...nineteen years ago! I'm paying for that rendezvous with the scalpel every day of my life:(  Not only did I lose 130 lbs, I regained it all, and then some.  To add insult to injury, my health has deteriorated in many ways over the years, and many of the illnesses and issues I've been facing seem to be common among weight loss surgery survivors.  Directly, or indirectly, at 45 I'm disabled and living with a number of health issues which have compromised me.  If you're contemplating wls (weight loss surgery) please think it over very carefully, and be wary of anyone who guarantees you a better, happier, more fulfilling life.  There *are* no guarantees!

Whether you are familiar with Size-Acceptance, or brand new to the concept, here are some FaT-Friendly LinKs that you cannot afford to miss...Everything from political activism, to literature, art and pop culture--and, an invitation to join The Zoftig Zone--a unique e-mail discussion list for people of size, our friends and admirers. It's unlike any list you've known before! NAAFA was a great place to start on my journey to self-esteem and wholeness, but the message has spread and many are now involved in the cause, each contributing a special tile to this beautiful mosaic. In 1986, former NAAFA members Karen and Richard Stimson formed LARGESSE, the Network for Size-Esteem. They have dedicated themselves personally and professionally to the cause of Size-Acceptance for many years, with much success and acclaim. I am proud to serve as Media-Liaison for Largesse. If you're hungry (for information...) take a look at their web site. You'll find everything from activism and affirmations, to resources and fun facts & links to other sites of SiZe--and don't forget INDD!  International No Diet Day is May 6.  For more information and links, please visit Largesse on line.:

Official Sponsor, International No Diet Day, May 6, 2002--Love Your Body!

 If SiZe is not an issue for you, but you're craving some links anyway...Check out my SuSa~LiNkS! Find some great resources and take a peek at what some of my friends and family are all about :-))

Oh, and speaking of BREASTS (got your attention, eh?;-)) Have you seen my...
 Breasts: A Documentary
(Originally titled "Breasts: 22 Women on 41 Breasts")
 This acclaimed documentary (Which I am proud to have appeared in) was first seen on Cinemax in January of 1997, and is available now, on HBO Home Video...I've even seen it for rent at West Coast Video, though I'm sad to tell you that Blockbuster Video will not sell, or rent this film! It's a "must see" for all--especially women! And stay tuned--a book based on this acclaimed documentary has just been published! If boobs don't do it for ya, you'll be delighted to know that Meema Spadola will be doing a documentary on the penis...
Is there no end to this woman's talent? ;-)

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