You've Got to See These for Yourself!

Here are some of my favorite LiNkS...Grouped alphabetically, by topic, wherever possible. If you have a homepage that might complement and/or enhance this collection, please let me know!

All in My Family

America's Adventure LogoAmerica's Adventure: A unique teen travel camp which features exciting trips throughout the USA and Europe. A great alternative to telling your kids to "go play in traffic!" To receive their brochure, you can either visit their site, or request one by sending an email!.
Tell'em Cousin Susan sent you!

Cookies by Design if you'd like  a taste of something really special, you'll find an exciting collection of ideas in many varieties--hand-decorated, delicious cookies in arrangements for any, and every occasion. Always freshly baked, they smell better than flowers, and you don't have to water them! Place your order with my cousins(I've got cousins all over the place!)...once again, sucking up by mentioning that Cousin Susan sent you! You can email them at, or place an order by calling 1-888-452-6654 (in NJ, dial 201-567-1206) and feel free to stop by their shoppe at:

Cookies by Design
125 N Dean St
Englewood, NJ 07631


Sal Domino: Mild mannered appliance salesman by day, and lots of other things when it gets dark outside ;-) Among his passions: Baseball Cards! Check out his page for a home-run on collectors info.

Edible LiNkS

Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen: An award winning site for everything you'll need to keep well-fed for a long, long time!

Jewish Food Archives: Kosher and non-kosher recipes contributed by the worldwide membership of the Jewish-food email list!


Diabetic-Friends is a unique email discussion and support list run by my friend, Auntie Susie.  It is not a diet list, nor is it dictatorial.  It's a warm, friendly, supportive place where we can discuss and explore healthy ways to live with diabetes.  We firmly believe that there is no single "right" approach to living as a healthy diabetic, and we discuss different ways of eating--from the ADA exchange program to low-carb eating and everything in-between!   We do it all--from discussions to recipe posting and swapping.  If you are diabetic (Type I or Type II), whether you control your diabetes with diet alone, take oral medication, or use insulin, there is a place for you among Auntie Susie's Diabetic-Friends;)

Performing ArTs

Laughing Matters--Meet some of my Stand-up Comic friends!

Baklava Schwartz: If she seems a bit familiar, she just might be! Any clues?

CatheB, InterNUT Comedienne found me on the web, and through our brief, but inspired dialog was motivated to become the esteemed founder of the "Women in Comedy" Webring! I'm proud, and pleased as punch (or make that "rambunctious as Ripple?") to be her first link! Her web site is quite a piece of work--and so is she!

ComedyHo: Comic and friend Carie Karavas' first homepage--designed by yours truly;-) Carie is a New Yawk comic in the purest sense! Like Carie herself, her site is a work in progress, so please be patient:-) If you're in the New York area, you can often see her dropping into Pips in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, or any number of Manhattan Clubs, such as Dangerfield's! She also performs behind the bar at Karavas Place on West 4th St at 6th Avenue on Monday nights! I'm often there to watch what and who she does;) Great Greek food, too--and lots of lip!

Tim Jackson is a Ton of Fun! Tim and I met at NBC in 1992 when we were both booked to do Late Night with David Letterman. We were shooting a comedy bit for the Emmy awards. Tim made the final cut, and I ended up on the cutting-room floor:( Such is life...Tim is new to the web, but he's got quite a resume. You can read it by clicking here:)

Walter Does Broadway and "Off Broadway" and....Okay, so he's not a comic...but he's a bonafide bundle of talent, and his new homepage has his(very attractive) headshot, resume and will contain postings of upcoming performances!

Not 4 Writers Only: LiNkS & Homepages

A Word a Day: This is a daily email which includes a new word every day, as well as a quote for the day. Subscribe from their homepage! A great fun tool for anyone who loves words and language!

Chava Willig Levy: My friend, and a wonderfully warm and insightful writer.

Judy Sullivan: Author of Size Wise, a resource and information book for people of size, and anyone who cares about someone who is larger than average. I am one of many people profiled and referenced in the book, and on Judy's web-site.

Michelle Young: My friend and occasional mentor :-) Visit her world, and read about her hot off the presses, award-winning book on multiculturalism!

I will be updating this list often, so feel free to set a bookmark :-)

Updated February 7, 2001
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