Original Web Site and Graphic Design, Copy Writing, and Image Scanning Services

~Affordably Priced!~

The Top 5 Reasons Why I'm the best choice to design your personal or business homepage:

1. As an artist, I have a natural eye for design, symmetry and presentation.

2. Web sites with slick design and flashy graphics are nice, but what happens when the written content is flat and full of errors in spelling and grammar? Poor presentation and misspellings can compromise the impact and integrity of your web site, your image and your service or product! My composition and copy writing skills ensure that your ideas are conveyed with clarity and intelligence.

3. I care about the look and the content of your site--whether it's your personal ideology, a hobby, a product or service-- I can help you sell yourself!

4. Forget about "cookie cutter" web sites and their one-trick pony designers...I will work with you to create a concept and design which reflects your personality, and your message.

5. I do quality design work at competitive prices which include services some other web-designers aren't even equipped to offer, including: copywriting, spell-checking, style and content evaluation, original backgrounds and graphics--including your logo or original designs, scanning and image editing, and much, much more!

Anyone can have a web-site or homepage--even if you don't have an internet account!
I will discuss your options with you, and help you make the most practical decision for your needs--and remember, your site can be easily moved if you should change accounts, or decide to open a new one! And talk about "instant gratification..."

I can have you on the world wide web in a matter of hours!

Perhaps you'd like to see some of what I've done...

Here are a few of the home pages I've designed. Feel free to make notes, and ask questions.

Baklava Schwartz, Undiscovered Diva!
Rent A Laff
The Official Diabetic Friends Home Page
Breakthrough Services and Consulting 

National Organization for Lesbians of SizE
Enter The Zoftig Zone!
Mikey's Search for Love
Ditto Copy Systems of NJ
Printer/Fax/Copier Repair Specialists
The FLABulous World of **Teighlor**
Terri, Brandy & Rusty's Homepage

Meet Kasha the Cat from Karmiel, Israel!
Actor Walter Novak's homepage

Tim Jackson, 
Letterman's "Fat Guy" is a Ton of Fun!
Camelot Travels
More Than Just a Pretty Face
Pooker and Ellen's Place