Welcome to the Zoftig Zone!

This e-mail discussion list was created for people of size, their friends and allies as an alternative to some of the more structured discussion forums available on the internet.

This list is owned privately, and is not affiliated with, or subsidized by any organization, foundation or corporate entity. Keeping this in mind, you are welcome to join this list at no charge.  I expect only that the subscribers/members respect the common-sense rules I'm setting forth.

1.  I will not censor language, but gratuitous profanity is not encouraged. There are times when "darn" just doesn't do, and stronger language is necessary to illustrate a point. 

2.  Please use good judgement when posting, and remember that while language itself will not be censored, personal attacks will not be tolerated. (Basically, the difference here is between "I'm so fucking angry," and "You're a fucking asshole." Guess which one is a flame, or personal attack? 

3.  Certain behaviors will not be tolerated under any circumstances:
      *Ethnic Bashing
      *Skinny Bashing

4.  Promotion of diets and weight loss products/surgery is not permitted on this list. However, discussion of issues related to our weight issues, and the aftermath of weight loss attempts is permitted and encouraged so that the list members might enlighten one another, as well as promoting tolerance, understanding and insight. It is also my hope and intent that we can support one another through these trials.

5.  If a list member has his or her own business and/or product, especially if it is relevant to the size acceptance community, they may post about it on an occasional basis. While this is not a commercial list, I feel it is important that we support and empower ourselves artistically, intellectually and financially.  If you've subscribed to this list only to promote your business, this is not the right list for you.

6.  No subject is considered "off topic" here. If it is important to you and relates to your life, it has relevance--unless of course, it's on the list of forbidden topics (see above, and below).

7.  While nearly all topics are considered fit for discussion here, certain types of email may NOT be sent to the list: Virus Warnings, (most of them are spam, which is the net term for "garbage" and/or "urban legends") urban legends, such as the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe and "Mary Sue Shnook is dying from a rare disease she contracted while reading an alien email, but we can cure her if you forward this message to 3,000 of your closest friends" are pure spam and only serve to annoy people and suck up bandwidth. You will, no doubt see such messages which bear the name (unauthorized, btw) of the American Cancer Society, and other genuine, reputable organizations. They are NOT authorized by the ACS, and are SPAM. Forwarding of junk mail to the list in any way, shape or form is not permitted. When in doubt, ask me first;) You can also find a comprehensive listing of so-called viruses (Hoaxes) at the Symantec web site. By the way, if you're not running an anti-virus program on your computer, your computer and everything on it is vulnerable to an attack by a virus, or worm. The real viruses rarely come with warnings!

8.  Got a great joke, or humor piece?  Do NOT post it on the list.  When traffic on the list is high, these kinds of posts tend to annoy people, and that generates more list mail, and a flood of private email to me, complaining about the junk/humor mail.   If you think, awww, screw it, it's just one piece of email...think again.  You are one subscriber on a list of (approximately) 100.  If everyone took that attitude, we'd be drowning in junk mail alone!  And yes, I do consider the humor messages "junk mail."

9.  Cross posting is not permitted. This list is private, accessible to subscribed members only, and to cross-post is a direct violation of my policy--no, my RULE--about respecting the privacy of this list and its subscribers. This is especially important, considering that some of the topics you'll see discussed on the ZZ are of a personal, even intimate nature. Subscribers should feel safe, knowing that they are talking with friends who will respect them by maintaining their confidences.

10. You may NOT forward any posts from this list to any individual, or list without the expressed, written permission of the list owner, and the individual who wrote it. Violating this rule will result in termination of your subscription, and a permanent ban on re-subscribing.

11. Harassment will not be tolerated. Personal email to other list members is fine, provided the recipient wants private mail from you. The sending of email, photos and other files without permission or consent is a violation of the integrity of this list, and the recipients rights. Such behavior will result in termination of your subscription to The ZZ list, and you will be reported to your ISP for harassment and/or other crimes. This could result in the termination of your account. This is a private list, and your first ammendment rights end where infractions of these rules, and other's rights begin.

12. Please do not send attachments with messages you post to the list. This can create problems, and not everyone can, or wants to receive attachments. If you have a picture, text, wav or any other kind of file, post an offer to the list, and invite those who would like the file to write you privately if they want it.  Please note that the list has been configured to reject attachments automatically.

13. When responding to a post, please try to quote only the necessary text. Most email programs will quote the text for you when you click on "reply", but you are always free to select text (by hilighting) and delete it. If you need help figuring out your email program, post a message to the list--chances are that someone on the list will be able to help you, or at least point you in the direction of some help--this is a very warm group of people, and we all remember what it was like to be "newbies." It's also important that you attribute the quoted text.  In other words, include the name of the person who wrote the text you're quoting by prefacing the quote with "Shecky said:" since posts do not always arrive in order.  We'd like to know who said what it is you are responding to:)

Sending an entire message back to the list when you were referencing only a few lines, or a paragraph is a waste of bandwidth and time--and it makes for very tedious reading, especially when folks are trying to wade through the digest version of the list...remember: Bandwidth doesn't grow on trees! J

14. It's perfectly natural to lurk for a few days when you first join the ZZ.  It may even be a wise move, so you get the feel of the list.  Once you're ready, and/or have something to say, feel free to jump on in!  When you post for the first time, please introduce yourself.  It doesn't have to be your life's story, but a few words about who you are, where you're from, and how you found your way to us would be nice.  We'll happily respond in kind--just ask!  Oh, and one more thing...you know who you are, but we don't.  Please don't neglect to sign your post.  Whether you use your "real name," or a nick name is up to you, but give us a way to address and identify you.  We want you to feel at home here! 


      If you have questions or comments about any of these guidelines, --okay, they're rules--you may write me privately.

*Want to read more about internet SPAM? Click HERE.

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