The most zoftig links on the net!

Here, you'll find links to the web sites deemed most worthy by The Zoftig Zone. In fact, these are the web sites belonging to the, inhabitants, that is, of the ZZ :-)

We've got a little bit of everything here, and our list has a truly international flavor, with ZZ'rs from all corners of the globe...but the most common denominator you will find is that these sites are fat-friendly, and in general, people-friendly...cause we know you are lovable no matter what size you are!

Big As Texas is Terry Early's web site for one of the most anticipated and spectacular size-acceptance events of the year! Held in Texas (naturally;-) in March of each year, there's a powerful mix of social, political, and just plain fun events.

CJ can be found wandering with Peggy Sue (yup, *the* Peggy Sue!) among her profiles of the musicians of West Texas... Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Bob Wills, Woody Guthrie, Meatloaf, John Denver, etc., etc., etc. If you love music--any kind of music--you're sure to find it linked to Lubbock one way, or another!

"Seat Belts should fit EVERY body, but they don't."  So begins the web page of  Elizabeth Fisher, who has been a tireless force for change, and her hard work is paying off!  Did you know that many automobile manufacturers will provide seat belt extenders at no charge?  Do you even know how to go about finding them?  And what could be better than a seat belt extender?  How about...mandating automobile manufacturers to make LONGER belts available in new cars?  Click HeRE to read all about it, and what you can do to help!

Karen Kanter's Hyperfocus: Poetry, Web Design and Ideas. Meet Karen--writer, dreamer and so much more! If you love poetry, you must visit...if you don't, one visit and you will be hooked on her sometimes funny, always soulful, and insightful words.

Karen Kanter also runs the Size Acceptance Forum at Suite 101. She's been doing it for a while now, and she's amassed an impressive and somewhat eclectic collection of size related links and culture!

Karen M's Web Page A virtual safari, silly snack, and a place to have a few laughs with your clothes on...She's more than just another pretty face...thoughtful, bright and warm, with a loopy sense of humor, too. Definitely worth a click of your mouse!

Kathy, better known to most of us as KitzCat  >^..^< can be found HeRE.  Another tribute to Southern Belle's & Aspiring Diva's...Kathy's page is a garden of sweetness, and loving thoughts;)

Home Page of Lisa B., Founder & Director of SC SAAS (South Carolina Size Acceptance Awareness Society).  We've got Southern Belles and Divine Divas all over the place!

Lynda Finn is Largely Happy these days...that's partly because our charming, bright and talented Kiwi friend (A New Zealand native, don't you know;) is about to have her first book published!  For more information about the book, and NZWAW (New Zealand Wide and Wonderful, visit her site!

More Than Just a Pretty Face Web site of Susan Mason, founder of the ZZ:) A generous blend of humor, insight, activism and creativity..and home of the first collection of FaT Positive clip art by a fat artist!

Nedra's home away from home. "Where I doodle and curse the 'puter gremlins." Don't miss her great BBW clothing resource pages, either...and if you've got the guts to design, but don't have the graphics...check out Nedra's--they're GGGrrreeat! :)

Size Wise is the name of the fabulous book by ZZ'r Judy Sullivan, and it's also the title of her web site. It's an impressive resource of size related products, services and information, as well as being home of the SizeWisePlus email discussion list, devoted to achieving fitness and health and self esteem at any size.

Meet Tish and venture into the world of our esteemed co-moderator! :-)

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