"How to Succeed at Subscribing Without Really Trying!"

It's easy to subscribe to the Zoftig Zone e-mail discussion list:-)

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All you have to do is enter your email address in the box above--you'll auto-magically be subscribed to The Zoftig Zone! In just a few minutes, you will receive an automated e-mail message confirming your subscription, and welcoming you to the list.  Please take the time to read to the message so you know a little bit more about our list, and how things are done.  You should also (prior to subscribing) check out the FAQ/Rulez section of our site.  The common-sense rules are a big part of our personality, and success, and we want you to feel comfy, too--because
these rules apply to everyone!

You will begin to receive posts from the list shortly after your subscription is confirmed.  If you selected the digest version, rather than individual posts, it will likely be several hours before you receive your first mail from the ZZ, because digests are compilations of individual posts, accumulated over several hours.

If this is your first time joining an email discussion list, you might want to "lurk" for a day or two until you get the feel of the list, but you are welcome to join in the discussion as soon as you're subscribed--or start a discussion thread of your own at any time:)

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