Okay, it doesn't make sense to most of us that anyone would want to leave the ZZ...but sometimes, it happens...Thus, we'd like to present you with the official...

"Top 5 Reasons to Unsubscribe from the ZZ!"

5. You just don't like us...(nah, couldn't be, could it?)

4. You're not interested in shmoozing with the fat, funky and outrageous divas and mensches of the ZZ because it makes you crave bagels and you can't get any where you live, except for Dunkin' Donuts, and everyone knows their bagels are not REAL!

3. There isn't enough blatant sexual content on the list, although there is a lot of innuendo and flirting....

2. You're going on vacation, or find yourself temporarily overloaded with work,
( how annoying!) and you won't be able to check, or read your mail:) Did you know that you can set your options on Onelist to temporarily stop the list from being delivered to you?!

1. You're NUTS!

But seriously, folks...

If you feel that this list isn't the right one for you, (is that possible???) please feel free to un-subscribe, no hard feelings:) You can always come back, bubbeleh!


Simply go to the eGroups web site and click on the User Center option on the left hand side of the screen and select the unsubscribe option.

Click to subscribe or unsubscribe to/from The ZZ

We're sorry to see you go, even for a moment, but you're always welcome to return:)
To re-subscribe, go here!

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