Download the Book of Common Prayer.

Almost as soon as I publicized this site's existence, people began asking me if it was possible to download the files from this website, either all at once or for particular services. For a long time, it wasn't. I'd thought about creating ASCII files for download, but each time I thought about it I got caught up in the problems of preserving as much of the formatting as is necessary to make the files usable: the online version uses color and typeface to distinguish rubrics and instructions from spoken text. When I tried to translate the files into ASCII, I lost a lot of that information. So every time I tried to put together downloadable files, I threw up my hands and decided to wait until I got a better idea of how to do it.

I finally decided to make several sets of downloadable files available. I have zipped the files together into "collections", which correspond to the organization of the Site Directory. Not all of the files are available in all of the formats. The list at the bottom of this page provides links to available collections.

The Book of Common Prayer (1662):
    Complete (excluding the Psalter): [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        (To conserve space, the Psalter is available separately below.)

    Introductory Matter:
        Standard materials [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        The Act of Uniformity [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    Informational Material:
        Ordering the Services [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        Proper Lessons (from 1662) [HTML] [RTF]
        Proper Lessons (current version) [HTML] [RTF]
        Text of Lessons taken from the Apocrypha [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        Calendar and Table of Lessons (1662) [HTML] [RTF]
        Calendar and Table of Lessons (1871) [HTML] [RTF]
        Table of Lessons (1922) [HTML] [RTF]
        Tables and Rules for the Feasts and Fasts [HTML] [RTF]
        Tables to Find Easter (from 1662) [HTML] [RTF]
        Tables to Find Easter (from 1752) [HTML] [RTF]
        Tables to Find Easter (current version) [HTML] [RTF]

    The Daily Offices: [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    The Holy Communion:
        Standard materials [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        From the Book of Common Prayer of 1549 [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        From the Book of Common Prayer of 1552 [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    The Baptismal Offices: [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    The Occasional Offices:
        Standard materials [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        Extra Occasional Offices [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    The Psalter [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    The Ordinal: [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    The State Services:
        Standard materials [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        Additional State Services [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    The Thirty-Nine Articles: [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

    A Table of Kindred and Affinity
        Current version [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
        1662 version [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]

Supplementary Materials:
    Notes on the festivals of the Church [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
    A Note About my Sources [HTML] [RTF] [ASCII]
    Notes on the Development of the Book of Common Prayer [HTML] [RTF]
    Images Used on this Website (letters) [GIF]
    Images Used on this Website (buttons) [GIF]
    Images Used on this Website (others) [GIF]
    Images Used on this Website (all) [GIF]

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