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DHC   Are there delamination problems?
  July 2009 Jim Fromm writes:
I have been shopping for quite some time for a suitable sailboat for my retirement. I expect to spend a lot of time sailing with my wife and grandchildren in the Gulf of Mexico. My wife an I really like the look, and frankly the price, of the available Island Traders. Although I am also considering a Fantasia 35 and a West Sail 32.

I have recently heard that there is a plywood fiberglass de-lamination problem with the 37 on the cabin. Is that true? Have you heard this before? Is there an affordable remedy? I would hate for this to be a deal breaker.

Are there any other generic problems that a buyer should be aware of?

Thanks Capt Jim

DGT   Looking for plans...
  February 2007 Antonio writes:
Hi sailors,
I have recently purchased for an IT but I need planes of the boat. Have you any one? I need sides planes to legalize it in Spain. Thank you very much.
I would like to receive e_mail with your experiencies.
DGP   Looking to possibly purchase...
  February 2006 Ed Schumacher writes:
Looking to possibly purchase one as it comes close to what I would like , sure look good anyway! However, I have heard they are not the best sailor (please not looking to hurt any ones feelings) just wondering if someone could give me an honest evaluation? Since what I have read seems to point to the fact that it may be the rig,(lack of sail area) wondering what your thoughts would be on a gaff ketch rigg on a IT 37.
DGM   Island Trader 40 Sea Beagle MS For Sale
  Dec 2005 Sea Beagle is now for sale, 40 Island Trader Motorsailor (1984).

Just sailed fall 2005 Toronto to Jacksonville FL,

  • New spars (Sitka Spruce)2005,
  • Garmin radar/plotter/XM weather 2005,
  • epoxy bottom 2004,
  • full canvas enclosure & cockpit cushions2005,
  • inverter 3200 amp hours/4-6 volt golf cart batteries,
  • new exhaust, new cutlass,
  • new sunbrella interior,
  • pilot house windows new and rebedded,
  • new ground tackle.
Extremely sea worthy and fuel effecient. Head turning looks and performs like a dream, cruise anywhere. Picture available, currently in Jackonville and will be sailing around south florida all winter.
Asking $135K
DGI   used island trader spruce booms and mizzen mast
  Nov 2005 Hi I am restoring my 1976 island trader and converted over to new metal mast. I have the main boom and the mizzen boom, along with the old mizzen mast; no rigging.

If any one needs one I will sell these. Please call paul at (508) 992 7358 Leave a message and I will return call. I am in New Bedford Mass. thanks.

If all goes well we will have our Trader in the water by May. We have been working on her refit for a year now. A lot of work but worth it for this beautiful boat.

DGE   Fixed portholes watertightness
  Sept 2005   The owner of La Ina S writes:

I have a watertigtness problem with my fixed portholes. I sealed all of them several ocassions with Sikaflex marine sealant, but leakage still going on on most of the portholes, mainly in the lower and aft part of them.

Can anybody who experienced this problem tell me how to solve this a nd sealant to use for that??? Appreciate your help.

  Oct 2005   My attempted solution on Wildwood Flower has been to take apart the port and re-bed it after repairing any voids in the frame. It seems to be working so far.
DGA   Selling Aloha
  May 2005 The owners of Aloha write:

Aloha, we have an island trader 41 that we ordered at the Annapolis boat show in 1976. we took possession of her in 1977 and she has been everywhere!! She now lives in hawaii, our home and we are ready to sell her. She is a beautiful old lady and we hate to see her just sitting when someone could be enjoying her.

M & R Creations
Margaret & Ronnie Woodard
68-1931 Pu'u Nui St.
Waikoloa, Hi. 96738
Ph/Fx 808-883-9395

DFP   Island Trader stern tube woes
  Aug 2004 The owner of Granuaile writes:

We have now had the Island trader for two months and have started renovations. I wanted to post a concern that nearly doomed our trader.

There appears to be a weakness in the stern tub that connects the packing gland to the cutlass housing. Our tube cracked and seperated sending the gland up the shaft to the transmission. The pumps handled the influx of water and we disconnected the engine water intake hose and put it in the bilge to act as another pump. SO CAUTION AND CHECK THE STERN TUBE. IT is stainless steel reverse fine metric thread. we had a brass pipe welded into to it to beef it up. It is a full 2 day project but can save your boat. check it no matter what. I have started to tear out the water and sewerage tank. they are going to be re welded for various leaks.

Look forward to hearing from everyone. 508 428 8551

Regards, Captain John.

DFN   Island Trader M/S 40 on the market
  May 2004 The owner of Cadence, Terry Palmer writes in Tampa, Florida:
I just put my lovely Island Trader M/S 40 (launched June 1987) on the market.
Details and pictures are available at select general listings, then select "40' Marine Trading Island.... 1987" Enjoy; lots of upgrades and electronics; aluminum mainsail spars; Blister job in 2000; etc........
DFL   Trip to Chatterbox Falls
  March 2004 The owner of Avanti writes:

We are planning a trip aboard Avanti to Princess Louisia Inlet this fall and would like to incourage anyone around Puget Sound who would like to sail their IT to this beautiful place and meet for a gam or travel in company (loosely) to contact us for dates and plans. It just might be fun to gunkhole with like minded cruisers.
Dates are between 9/19 and 10/6.
Captain Tommy and Debbie Cook

Editorial note: Princess Louisa Inlet is at 50:10N and 123:50W, at the back end of Jarvis Inlet, on the BC mainland, about 60nm North of Vancouver.

DFI   Chain locker drainage
  March 2004 The owner of Kat's Kradle writes:

I have Island Trader 37'.I am in process of restoring her. I have chain locker which drains to the bilge,but I don't like that idea,because the water(sea,lake water)enters the bilge and smells.Do you have the same problem? I would like to build sealed chain locker with drainage through the hull,outside.Do you have any solution how to solve this problem? I have few ideas but I'm looking for solution that has been proven and working.

DFG   Exhaust elbow made to order
  January 2004 The owner of Marylou's Black Pearl writes:

My husband copied and built a new exhust for our Island Trader out of stainless steel. He is a welder fabricator for N.A.S.A. and if anyone needs a new one you can have him make you one. Cheaper then you could buy from the Marine parts people.
Email is

DFE   More news from Avanti
  2003-11   The Owners of Avanti write:
We are the proud owners of Avanti for two years now. She has many refits from the previous owners Tom and Maryanna, but still lots of room for minor improvements. I refinished the table by peeling back the Formica (yuk) then gluing down a thin teak plywood. To hide the extra thickness of the plywood, I made fiddles around the edge. Of course I kept the teak edges to the table intact. Then varnished with matt finish. It turned out lovely and was really easy all in all to do.

Other projects that have turned out well are the adding of a radar. I designed and built the bracket for about $35 in aluminum and s/s. It fits the mizzenmast very well all without a lot of big new screw holes in the mast. I had to put a new fuel tank in her because of a leak. Ouch that hurt! About 600 bucks to have one custom built to fit under the quarter but now I'll never have to do that again. Tank only holds 30 gal no mater what the brochure said. I took the effort to redo the sight glass in plastic so I can get a very accurate reading of fuel and fuel consumption.

Would love to hear form other IT owners from anywhere but specially around Puget Sound.

DFC   Taiwan Clipper CT41 in the Netherlands
  2003-11   G.C. Mastenbroek, the owner of Choctaw - San Francsisco writes from Nijkerk, The Netherlands:
A full page of pictures!
Choctaw - San Francisco, Taiwan Clipper Transworld CT41.
It's a very origional vessel. Now restoring it to make longer trips maybe next year.

Later, Brenda Mastenbroek adds:
I found your page on the Internet. My father bought a very nice Clipper Transworld CT 41.
I was trying to fill in the register but I have a problem with the Hull number. The number on his papers is 18504 ZR 1994 build in Taipei Taiwan in 1980. It is a ketch rigged poly motorsailor.
We are now rebuilding it. The Dutch name is Weltevreden, but my father took it off and found the first name of the Clipper and that was Choctaw and the place was San Francisco. We have some pictures at the Internet of this ship to have a look.

DFA   Island Trader 41 spare parts
  2003-10 James Mcroberts, the owner of Island Princess writes:

Island Princess is an Island Trader 41 (ety410580978s) berthed in Virgin Gorda, BVI.

41'ketch--prior owner Mr Donald Pease - prior owner unknown but from Florida.

Interested in info on replacement parts.

DDC   Experience rebuilding an Island Trader
  2003-10 David A. Shivers, the owner of Coral Sea writes:

Currently undergoing total renovation.

New teak tounge and grove interior. Total replacement cabin sole to headliner. New plumbing, electrical, including panel, new exterior hatches, new teak decks and cockpit, new portlights spars, standing rigging some new cap rail, bow sprit and paint. I have removed and replaced all the interior except for two bulkheads.

In the process I have discovered many of the problems we all have and some of you may not know about yet. I am one year into this project and expect to be completed within the next twelve months.

I'll be happy to share any information that may be of help. You may contact me at 251-433-3337. David Shivers... I prefer the telephone as most questions usually require substantial dialog.

DDA   Island Trader 27
  2003-09 Bryan Averill in Lacombe, LA, writes:
Rights of Man (s/n ETY27003 built 03/1978).
29ft Island Trader
Boat was sunk around 1987 during a storm off the coast of New Jersey. It was rebuilt in New Jersey and shipped to New Orleans in 1992. Boat was sunk again in 1995 and is in the process of comming back to life again.
DCA   victory heater
  2003-07-04 Francis Hardy in Rhode Island writes:
We have recently purchased an Island Trader (1982) with a victory heater which has never been used. We do not know what kind of fuel to use or how to find out.
DAA   Sabine
  2003-01-19 Sabine is an Island Trader 41 with a web page at :www.followsabine,com.
CAB   Scaliwag is for sale
  2002-09-05 See the details in the Directory.
  2003-02 Scaliwag has been sold and is headed for a new berth in Alabama.
CAA   Island Trader 29?
  2002-08-25 Jim Watkin writes:
Mariah, hull number 002, built in 1978, is berthed in Knoxville, TN, acquired on 10/21/91.
"The Island Trader 29". Beam 9'10" Draft 4'0" Disp 9750 lbs Bal 2200 lbs Sail area 373 sq ft. Has wooden mast. Yanmar one lung. Does anyone know how many of these were built? Semi-retired starting restoration.
CAB   Corralita
  2002-08-25 Corralita is for sale by owner (email address in the Directory).
BAE   Looking at Island Trader
  2001-03-05 Mark & Ali Strachan write:
We are presently looking at purchasing a 40' Island Trader 1983 and would appreciate it if anyone could point out the pro's and cons of these boats. My wife and I plan to sail from Cape Cod to Cape Town, South Africa and therefore want to be sure that we are purchasing a good sound blue water cruising boat. We love the lines and living space of the Island Traders and have been informed that the hulls are very sound. The one we are looking at does have many blisters below the waterline which we will have to repair. On the positive side, it does have aluminum spars instead of the old spruce spars.
BAC   Island trader fixer upper
  2001-11-20 Pat and Sue Kennedy write:
(Looking at Inshalla, a 1976 IT in Marathon FL.)
We are considering the purchase of a great old Island Trader 36. Currently gutted, with the guts in several locations, we are seeking additional information about the Island Trader. How does she sail? What are the major flaws? We are not new to sailing or old boats, just havent run in to this type before. We will also need a mizzen mast, wheel and binnacle, interior doors (If possible the original kind with the cool carved bamboo) Any info would be appreciated.
BAB   What is a good price for an Island Trader?
  2001-7-16 Peter Lorenz writes:
What should I expect to pay for a "good" shape Island Trader? Sails and canvas in poor shape. I am looking to buy an Island Trader and need a basic guide.
Please reply directly to Peter.
BAA   Looking for Island Traders in Ohio
  2001-7-7 TR in Ohio writes:
We have been looking for info on the Island Trader boats and your pages have been a great help. Is it possible to locate one close to Cleveland, Ohio? Being able to see one in real life would be a big help in our plans to retire and cruise.
ACA   Some historical data...
  2000-3-27 from Jerry Conrad :
My name is Jerry Conrad and I work for The Mariners' Museum. Recently I had a patron ask me about an "Island Trader". After a brief search, I determined it was a "Island Trader 37". This patron is currently restoring it in the Norfolk, VA area. The information that I determined was it was built overseas and sold through "Marine Trading International" in New Jersey. The have long since went out of this business, and are loosely associated with a marina by the same name in NJ. The original man in charge was Dave Murray. I am told that L.P. Shu (732) 286-4000 who works, with that marina might have knowledge about the boats. I know our Museum has nothing on this particular model of boat. I will pass on your e-mail address to my patron, I hope that he will contact you.
ABA   What about propane lockers? ... and windlasses?
  2000-1 from the owners of Danielle:
Have you been able to fit your boat with a propane locker? We're having trouble. The cockpit seats are not wide enough, and neither is the stern locker. We're considering putting a couple of tanks inside some rum kegs and bolting them near main mast. Any better solution?

How 'boat a windlass? We'll put one in for sure, but given the bow configuration I'm not sure either a horizontal or vertical one would even work well. Hope you have some thoughts there?.

AAL   The story of Scorpio
  1999-10 from the current owner...
The story goes that she was originally built for a George De B. who, at the time lived in Wilmington, Delaware.

She was built by United Ocean Industries, Taipei, Taiwan, under US supervision. She was then shipped to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and fitted out there. Scorpio was then left on hard stand, under cover, while the owner was in Kuwait working and finally launched in 1985.

After the launch she was sailed to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, along the west coast of Mexico and on to San Diego. After the installation of Radar and Satellite Navigation George set sail again, he visited Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands before arriving in Brisbane, Australia, in November 1989.

In May 1990 Scorpio was purchased by a Miss Jane Rutter in Cairns, Australia, She was entered in the Coral Sea Classic in May 1991 and apparently received 1st Place, in the Cruising Division.(not 3rd place as I originally informed) She was then sold to Ian and Heather Atkinson who lived on her for some 5 years and she was then sold to John Bourke of Hobart, Tasmania 1n 1996 who I purchased her from.



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