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On Switching to Linux from Windows

22 August, 2008.

Yet, above all, I think it is the spirit of the thing that has gradually won me over, more than anything else. To have literally all the software I could possibly want available at my fingertips at little to no cost is simply amazing. It is so liberating to know that thousands of ordinary people, not just a few large companies, are seeing after the development, reliability and security of it all.

At the very core, I see that the kind of world we create for our kids to live in is going to hinge, in part, on the choices we make of what software and operating systems we run on our computers.

You do realise this, I hope?

If I look at where Microsoft and the powers-that-be want to take us, I see computing and an Internet that are more expensive, more controlled, less free, with less privacy. Open source software and Linux shows me a different vista entirely; where quality software is within the reach of everyone, anyone can get involved in making things better, and no central authority can impose its will on us.

Yes, there are problems with Linux, but then there are problems with Microsoft's Vista as well. I know which future I'd like to live in.


Mike D.

Mike Devour, Citizen, Patriot, Libertarian

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