Cruising Log of the Bella Donna

November 29, 2000

The Bella Donna, a Crocket based Catalina 42 sloop owned by Pat and Mike Scott visited the potato patch on November 29, 2000. Frank and Lisa and John Mighetto joined the owners. The streaming media to the left documents the adventures of the Bella Donna that day. The pictures can also be viewed by clicking here. A noteworthy twin screw vessel was visited prior to burying the rail on the way to the Golden Gate. Outside SF bay the rollers were large and Mike predicted an uncontrolled jibe. After the event, sails were dropped and the Bella Donna motored home. But not before the women on board spotted a great white (inside joke) hanging over the stern of a Catalina 30.

Several Macgregor 26x vessels were spotted that day with one bare-polled Mac26x venturing up to the Gate itself. While Lisa and Frank were not successful in convincing Pat and Mike to enter the Vancouver to Hawaii race, Pat and Mike are planning some coastal ocean cruising, perhaps to rendezvous with Frank and Lisa's Mac26x in Seattle :>)