Leadership Training

Leaders are people who are charged with improving systems, rather than getting results from others, which is the charge of the manager.

Leadership training is of value to anyone who aspires to a leadership position, whether within the family or group, church or school, business or military, politics or government, not-for-profit organization, or sail boat. It will also appeal to board members responsible for overseeing leaders and to individuals who interact with decision makers during the sale of goods and services.

Training is obtained by hiring management consultants or professional educators or by obtaining advanced degrees. Recently, computer based products have allowed the uninitiated to operate at the level of a seasoned leader. The Wall Street Journal calls this kind of product MBAware. The computer industry calls them expert systems.

For a training exercise see: leadership styles. Then use the expedia.msn search function with the word "leader" to identify a leader. You can also look up a historic site at The History Channel to learn about a leader. Classify the leader's predominant style and review the following links.

For more see Force for Change : How Leadership Differs from Management by John P. Kotter.

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