Second attempt to reach Cameron Pass. No bike or car problems this time! So, here I am, parked at Cameron Pass.

This is a 10+ miles ride at a 10000+ feet altitude. The trail ( a jeep road) is easy, and the views are spectacular. For example. Or, a look back at HWY 14.

The second instance of snow reaching all the way to the trail. It is Summer! The snow is melting real fast. But not to worry, there is still quite a bit to go. Just in case the previous picture was not convincing enough, here is another view.

All right, I have to ride my bike on this snow a bit! Took it up the hill a bit, and then rode it down.

Reached the end of the trail. A better view of that trail end. Yes, there is more snow here.

Let's hike that half a mile up to the Lake Agnes. There are some rules and regulations so that we all can enjoy this amazing beauty.

Back to my bike and then back to Cameron Pass.

My bike is mounted, everything packed up. I am ready to head back, but wait! What about that water in the Michigan Ditch? It is COOLD! but certainly not the least fun thing one can do after a ride.

One last look ...