Wow! Here is about a sixth of the photographs I took that day.

First irresistible stop: Many Parks Curve

Next stop: Rainbow Curve. A short hike, took many pictures, but here are only two. It took me a while to figure out this group of hikers actually had skis on their backs. we can only guess which way they were going to go down :) Did not photograph that snowball that I made (sorry!). The last picture taken at that spot was this lake.

The traffic stopped because of ... What else to do but to take some pictures myself. One more!

Just behind the next curve, another breathtaking place One more picture here.

Wanted to stop and spend some time at the Alpine Visitor Center, but after a few circles through the parking lot (packed like a can of sardines), I gave up and proceeded to the Medicine Bow Curve Let's get some orientation. What can one see from here. The view spectacular not only toward the far distance, but there is a reason to take a look right down below. Yes, this is the same Poudre River that I have been riding my bike along in Greeley, Fort Collins, and up in the mountains. There is also a nice short hiking trail

It is nice and cool here (99-100 in Greeley), but I am hungry. Time to get back to my Honda and head to a late lunch in Estes Park.