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IMPORTANT NOTE: I am no longer actively posting to this site. Some of the material on this site might have moved. Please see this file for details (and for other places to find my writings).
ABOUT MY BLOGS: My two blogs (The Unfinishable Scroll and Religion: the Next Version) are no longer online, but a PDF archive of them is online. See below, under "My Blogs," for details.
Reader Alert! False information about me on the web: Some people who don't like my view of religion have been posting false statements about me on the web. These statements include false claims about my work, academic background, and beliefs. Here's a link to a page with some real facts about me.


  • New release of book: A preliminary revised ebook edition of my old book From Brain to Cosmos is available at this link.
  • New ebook: My new ebook, Where Reason Meets Poetry, is available at this link. This ebook is a collection of papers and other writings.

My Blogs

NOTE: My two blogs are no longer online. However, almost all of their content is still available in a PDF archive of my blogs.

My first blog, The Unfinishable Scroll, had posts about science, philosophy, politics, and other interesting things.

The most controversial part of my blog is The Anti-Dawkins Papers, a set of posts critiquing Richard Dawkins' atheistic book The God Delusion. This critique was not meant as a criticism of all forms of atheism. I just wanted to point out the weaknesses in Dawkins' book. After I posted this critique, a few of Dawkins' followers started spreading false information about my background and work. Follow this link to get the real information. (Incidentally, if you think I must be a supernatural theist because I disagree with Dawkins, you need to think again. Read my other writings on religion before deciding what I believe or disbelieve.)

Besides The Unfinishable Scroll, I had a second blog named Religion: the Next Version. That blog presented my thoughts about what religion could be.

The PDF archive of my blogs is here. This includes almost all of the posts.

Online Papers and Essays

The list below gives links to the papers and essays on this site. All of these papers and essays are in HTML or PDF formats. Writings too informal to be papers are marked as "essay," "notes," or the like.

This list doesn't include the papers I published in peer reviewed journals. For these, see the Publications page. This list also doesn't include Sharlow's Scratchpad, which is the area where I keep notes and drafts that are too tentative for the main part of the site.

This site also contains a guide document that summarizes my philosophical views and gives links to most of my writings sorted by subject. That document is a good place to start if you want to know what I've said about some particular topic.

Now for the list...

Consciousness and Mind

Philosophy of Science

Other Philosophy




My Books

Some of my writings are available as PDF ebooks. Click here for the details.

My book From Brain to Cosmos explored some philosophical questions about consciousness, time and existence from a new vantage point. The book is now out of print. Most of it is available on this site. Click here to learn more.

About Me

In case you're wondering about my background, I'm primarily a chemical physicist by training (Ph.D. in chemistry with a dissertation in statistical thermodynamics), but most of my research has been in philosophy. My dissertation research was in an area of chemical physics with known philosophical implications. Before my doctorate, I earned a bachelor's degree with a double major in physics and philosophy, followed by a masters' degree in biochemistry. My research has been published in peer reviewed journals in philosophy, physics and chemistry. Since I received my Ph.D., I've been a college instructor, a scientific computer programmer, and an independent writer and scholar.

About My Research

Here are some of my past and present research interests, in no particular order. For detailed information, please consult my publications list, my online papers, my book and ebooks, and the rest of the page that you are now reading.

  • Philosophy of mind (neural origins of qualia and ineffability; metaphysics of the self)
  • Philosophy of time (metaphysics of time; time travel paradoxes)
  • Philosophy of chemistry (concept of element; notions of possibility in chemistry)
  • Ontology of abstract objects (status of universals; realism vs. nominalism)
  • Idealistic philosophy (its relationship to analytic philosophy and to neuroscience)
  • Set theory (iterative conception of set; proper classes; NF)
  • Spacetime physics (spacetime manifolds with unusual topologies)
  • Liquid crystal physics (analytic theory and computer simulations)
  • Philosophy of phonetics (analyzing the notion of phonetic possibility)
  • Foundations of dimensional analysis (generalized algebras of dimensional quantities)
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics (branching spacetime and non-Copenhagen interpretations)
  • Philosophy of religion (compatibility of religion with science and reason)

    Contact me at: msharlow AT usermail DOT com

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