Papers on Branching Spacetime


Branching spacetime is a topic that appears to be attracting an increasing amount of interest in the philosophical and scientific communities. The peer reviewed literature on this topic includes contributions from philosophers, physicists and mathematicians. Here is a list of my own papers on this topic. Although I haven't included other people's papers in this list, those interested in the scholarly literature in this field might want to track down some of the references cited in my papers.

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  1. Mark F. Sharlow, "A new non-Hausdorff spacetime model for resolution of the time travel paradoxes."
    Annals of Physics, vol. 263, no. 2, March 1, 1998.

    Some physicists have shown a great deal of interest in chronology-violating spacetimes. This paper examines a model of branching spacetime that might be useful for understanding and resolving the paradoxes that occur in connection with chronology violations.

  2. Mark F. Sharlow, "The quantum mechanical path integral: toward a realistic interpretation." (PDF, about 89 KB)

    In this online paper, I apply concepts of branching spacetime to the interpretation of the Feynman path integral. I ask whether branching spacetime might allow for a "realistic" interpretation of the path integral, in which the system really traverses many paths just as the formal path integral suggests that it does.

  3. Mark F. Sharlow, "What branching spacetime might do for physics." (PDF, about 280 KB)

    In this online paper, I suggest some ways in which branching spacetime interpretations of quantum mechanics might be applied to certain known problems in theoretical physics.



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