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Ebook cover: God, Son of Quark

God, Son of Quark

Has science shown that the soul is a myth? Are living creatures just meaningless masses of chemicals? Or can the physical universe itself give rise to real spirit, soul, and meaning? In God, Son of Quark, Dr. Sharlow introduces a new way of thinking about the natural world. This new viewpoint is based on reason and has solid roots in science - but it shows that our natural, physical universe can encompass spiritual realities.

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Book cover: From Brain to Cosmos

From Brain to Cosmos

How important is consciousness in the physical universe? Does time really "flow," or is time's movement an illusion? Is your conscious self much larger than you think it is? These are some of the intriguing questions Dr. Sharlow takes up in From Brain to Cosmos.

Currently out of print, but you can obtain most of the chapters online. Also, you can check with sellers of used books to find out whether a used copy is available. 

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Ebook cover: The Unfinishable Book

The Unfinishable Book

This is a collection of lightly edited transcripts of talks by Mark Sharlow — plus the notes for one talk that never happened. The Unfinishable Book covers a wide range of philosophical topics, and discusses ideas that are central to Dr. Sharlow's philosophy but that didn't make it into his peer-reviewed journal papers. How does philosophy differ from science? Is the "great tradition" in philosophy really dead? Will the twentieth-century belief in a meaningless cosmos give way to other views? Read The Unfinishable Book and begin to think about these questions and more.

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Ebook cover: Poetry's Secret Truth

Poetry's Secret Truth

What kind of truth can poetry convey to the mind? Can poetry reveal a realm of reality beyond the scope of science? Can poetry even be a path to spiritual knowledge? These are some of the questions that Dr. Sharlow takes up in this thought-provoking ebook. Combining traditional insights about poetry with ideas from modern philosophy, Sharlow argues for a bold view of poetry's possibilities.

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Ebook cover: God: the Next Version

God: the Next Version

This book explores a way of thinking about God that goes beyond conventional belief and atheism. By the time you finish the book, you might discover that the God vs. no-God debate is not what you thought it was. Atheists and believers alike may find the book's conclusions uncomfortable. Forget everything you know about God, and read God: the Next Version!

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Book cover: God and Darwin - Buddies!

God and Darwin — Buddies!

Is evolution compatible with the existence of a creator? Yes! This short ebook reveals two ways that a creator could make a universe in which evolution is true, and in which natural laws have no exceptions. (This has nothing to do with so-called "intelligent design." It's about the conventional scientific version of evolution.) This book won't tell you whether to believe in God, but it shows that you can believe in God and in evolution too. Read God and Darwin — Buddies! and find out how evolution might fit in with belief in God.

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Ebook cover: God and Science? Of Course!

God and Science? Of Course!

"Can you believe in science and also believe in God? Of course you can!" Thus begins the first chapter of God and Science? Of Course! In this thoughtful and readable short ebook, Dr. Sharlow points out that simple belief in a supreme being cannot disagree with anything in science. He also asks whether philosophy might be able to provide rational grounds for belief in God.

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Ebook cover: Patchworks


This is a collection of some key writings from Mark Sharlow's website, edited and converted into a single convenient ebook. Patchworks includes archives of both of Dr. Sharlow's blogs through early September 2009, along with some of his miscellaneous essays. Topics include religion, free will, human dignity, progress, and modern-day skepticism, among others.

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