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A Proposal for a New and Humane Economic Order

As a citizen of this planet, I support the goal of economic justice. This is the same goal that the Occupy movement seeks.

I have long believed that the present political and economic order is deeply unjust. A few years ago I suggested a better way. The alternative system that I proposed goes beyond conventional capitalism and socialism. Links to my writings on this topic are at the bottom of this page. Read these documents, discuss them, and decide for yourself how the ideas in them can benefit the movement.

Today we have an economic oligarchy. Rich companies control most of the means of production, and many of the people have nearly nothing. Our society is not economically free. If we had real capitalism instead of the quasi-feudal system we have today — if we had capitalism for everybody, instead of a capitalism for the few — then we would be able to have true freedom. And that’s what we need to aim for.
- p. 62, Tomorrow Is for Freedom

Here are the main features of the new system I am proposing.

  1. A wide distribution of wealth so each of us can be economically self-sufficient. None of us will have to beg anyone for a job before we can find housing and food.  None of us will be forced into poverty just because the job market doesn't need us at the moment. Each of us will have a slice of the means of production so we can support ourselves as individuals and as families. The people will not control the means of production collectively as in socialism. Instead, each of us will have his or her own share of the resources.
  2. Limits on forms of government power that harm people. Government power will be limited, but in a way that leaves plenty of room for help for those who need it. Governments will no longer grant excess privileges, like legal personhood, to corporations. Punishment as we know it will be replaced with more constructive methods for dealing with crime. The prison-state will no longer exist.
  3. Cooperatives and associations to help those in need. With a humane distribution of wealth and a less authoritarian government in place, we will be able to set up safety nets for anyone still in need. These safety nets can be far more compassionate and effective than anything we have today.

This proposed system has roots in libertarianism, distributism, and the progressive left. However, it avoids the excesses of all those ideologies. (The libertarianism I mention here is the original, pro-people kind of libertarianism. It has nothing to do with certain so-called "libertarians" who advocate cutthroat "free" markets.)

Here are the links to my writings on this subject.  May they prove useful to the movement!

- Mark Sharlow


Tomorrow Is for Freedom - this is the main document

Statement of Principles

Manifesto of the Good Society

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