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This political website, part of the author's larger website, is dedicated to the ideal of freedom. "Freedom" means liberty for each person — not just the freedom of a social class or some other collective entity.

This site stands in opposition to the rightist and leftist ideologies that oppress much of today's world. The political viewpoint of this site calls for the freedom of the individual from unchecked government power and unchecked economic power alike.

Nowadays, the political right wing threatens our liberty through favoritism toward large companies and through repressive ideas about war and religion. The left is equally dangerous, with its heavy-handed, intrusive government policies and its politically "correct" censorship. Neither the right nor the left can offer real freedom. This site suggests a different path, built on the bedrock of the ideal of liberty.

To find out more about the viewpoint behind this site, read the Statement of Principles. For a more detailed introduction, read Manifesto of the Good Society (in PDF format). For other documents on the site, see the list below.






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