Brain, Time and Cosmos

Mark F. Sharlow — Selected Publications

  • M. F. Sharlow, "Chemical Elements and the Problem of Universals," Foundations of Chemistry, vol. 8, pp. 225-242 (2006).
  • Mark F. Sharlow, "Cortical Feedback and the Ineffability of Colors," Psyche, vol. 11, no. 7 (Oct. 2005).
  • Mark F. Sharlow, "Broadening the Iterative Conception of Set," Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 149-170 (2001).
  • Mark F. Sharlow, "A New Non-Hausdorff Spacetime Model for Resolution of the Time Travel Paradoxes," Annals of Physics, vol. 263, no. 2, pp. 179-197 (1998).
  • M. F. Sharlow, R. L. B. Selinger, A. Ben-Shaul, and W. M. Gelbart, "Cell Model and Computer Simulation Studies of Layered and Hexagonal States of Aligned, Hard Disks versus Rods," Journal of Physical Chemistry, vol. 99, no. 9, pp. 2907-2914 (1995).
  • Mark F. Sharlow and William M. Gelbart, "On the Parallel-Perpendicular Transition for a Nematic Phase at a Wall," Liquid Crystals, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 25-30 (1992).
  • Mark F. Sharlow, "Lewis's Modal Realism: a Reply to Naylor," Analysis, vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 13-15 (1988).
  • Mark F. Sharlow, "Proper Classes via the Iterative Conception of Set," Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol. 52, no. 3, pp. 636-650 (1987).

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