Three Papers on the Foundations of Physics


In these three papers I examine the conceptual connections among some known ideas (scientific and philosophical) about spacetime and quantum physics. The first two papers mainly discuss interpretations of quantum mechanics. The second and third papers consider some topological analogs for ideas in particle physics.

Cautionary note: These papers discuss several ideas from theoretical physics, including the hypothetical objects that physicists call "wormholes." Although wormholes are of legitimate scientific interest, a great deal of unsupported speculation has grown up around them on the Internet and elsewhere. I wish to caution the reader that the topic of wormholes is conjectural, and that some other ideas discussed in these papers are conjectural also. I do not endorse uncritical speculation about these topics. (Scientifically informed speculation, not mistaken for fact, is a different matter.) The fact that I found these ideas sufficiently interesting to study them does not mean that I am a committed believer in them.

"What Branching Spacetime Might Do for Physics" (PDF format, about 280 KB)

"'Charge without Charge' in the Stochastic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" (PDF format, about 150 KB)

"Generalizing 'Charge Without Charge' to Obtain Classical Analogs of Short-Range Interactions" (PDF format, about 270 KB)

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