Debunking the Skeptics

A Logical Look at the Claims of the Skeptics, So-Called Rationalists, and Other People Who Insist on Disproving Things

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"Truth Can Be Elusive!"


What Is This Page About?

This page is about the mistakes skeptics make. The page has links to essays that show why some of the ideas of the skeptics are illogical.

Who Are the Skeptics?

On this page, "skeptic" means a person who systematically tries to disprove things that seem spiritual, paranormal, or too imaginative. There are different kinds of skeptics. Some skeptics insist that science has disproved religion — not just fundamentalist religion, but all religion. Other skeptics feel that all claims on the fringes of science (such as claims of paranormal happenings) have been debunked once and for all. Many skeptics hold both of these beliefs.

(The word "skeptic" also has other meanings. Philosophers know of "Cartesian skeptics," "Humean skeptics," and skeptics of still other kinds — but this page is not about these skeptics.)

What Is This Page Not About?

This page is not meant to encourage belief in any of the things the skeptics don't like. This isn't a paranormal page, a New Age page, or even a religious page. It's more of a philosophy of science page. I'm not trying here to defend the beliefs that the skeptics don't like. (For that matter, I'm not trying to disprove those beliefs either.) I am just trying to show that the skeptics have used some bad arguments against these beliefs. Whether religious or paranormal beliefs are true is a separate question that I don't plan to take up here.

Why Was This Page Created?

Because I got tired of watching the skeptics use the same irrational thinking that they accuse true believers of using! I am interested in logic, reason, and science. I noticed that skeptics sometimes use bad arguments and call it rationality or critical thinking.

How Is This Material Organized?

The criticisms of skepticism are organized into essays. The links to these essays are given below.

Do the Essays Cover Every Skeptical Argument?

No. They only cover some of the most important points.

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