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Friday Night Pictures at the Yardarm by Cyndi (Drydahl) Harrison

Friday Night Pictures at the Yardarm by Michael Dinkelman

Friday Night Pictures at the Yardarm by Deborah (Renaue) Russell

Friday Night Pictures at the Yardarm by Doug Mahugh

Saturday Night Pictures at Emerald Downs by Michael Dinkelman


------------------ Friday --------------------

DATE: August 18, 2006           TIME: 7PM to midnight                 
PLACE: YardArm Pub   812 S 230th St, Des Moines, Washington
COST:  free
FORMAT:  Informal, no host bar, casual dress.

------------------- Saturday -------------------

DATE: August 19, 2006           TIME: 1PM to midnight                 
PLACE: Emerald Downs   Auburn, Washington
COST:  $35 a person        (please note there is a 200 person limit on the reserved room)
FORMAT:  day of racing cascual dress if desired, Evening event - dress nice, no host bar.

     Racing (1PM-7PM) Gates open at 12:30, Racing starts at 1PM (you can arrive any time between 12:30 and 7).
        There will be a table at the entrance with your tickets
     Happy Hour (7PM-8PM),
     Class Picture (right after the last race in the Paddock Park, approx 7-7:30PM),
            pictures will be $15 a piece, to be ordered at that time if desired
     Seating (8PM),   
     Hors d’oeuvre Buffet (8:30PM),
     Program/Dancing (9PM)

Hors d’oeuvre Buffet:
                Assorted Sliced Meat and Cheese Tray
                Bread and Rolls with Sandwich Spreads
                Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray
                B-B-Q Chicken Wings
                Caesar Salad
                Chili Con Queso with Tortilla Chips
                Teriyaki Beef Skewers
                Vegetable Crudités with Dip
                non-alcoholic punch


Michael Dinkelman -         253-631-3756
Susan (Gayman) Amende -

RESERVATIONS TO: Petrina Lance (registration form and info)
                                   12257 51st Place South
                                   Tukwila, WA 98178-3433
                                   206.227.4481 or e-mail


Deceased Alumni
In memory of those we have lost

Sandy Barnhardt                  Steven Cote                  Lora Goncharoff                  Michael Graham                 
Paul E. Kennedy                  Jeanni McGrady                  Andy Pederson                  Jim Ryan (08/09/2006)                  David Varnum                 


2006 "Found" Alumni
count=>251, last update 08/15/2006
(Those in BOLD are registered for the Emerald Downs event - about 151 classmates and guests as of this update)
(Those in italics are registered for the Yardarm event - about 120 classmates and guests as of this update)

Debbie (Alexander) Hasbrook                 Kevin Allen                 Kathy (Amende) Peffer                  Mark Amer                
Craig Anderson                 Victor Anderson                  Ken Arment                 Jona Arnbrister                 
Martin Arnold                  Leigh (Atkinson) Humphries                  Joe Baker                  Paula Baker                 
Michael Ball                  Kathleen (Bash) Thomas                  Kathy (Barnhouse) Nurmi                 Jan Bartlemay                 
Cheryl (Beach) Gleason                  Thomas Belleque                  Jay Benner                 Rosalyn Benson                 
Diana (Bergman) Langton                  Ken Betzina                 Caroline (Bingham) Galicic                  Patti (Bjorneby) Hladik                
Richard Bodle                  Elizabeth Bolles                  Gary Bosworth                  Patricia (Boyd) Olszewski                
Rhonda (Brady) Cook                  Tony Brooks                  Lynette Brown                  Curtis Buck                
Dale Buckenberger                 Gerry Burke                 Linda Burnham                  Kevin Burns                 
Eldon Burrow                  Betty (Busch) Purves                  Debbie (Cameron) Gaines                 Roger Campbell                 
Eleanor Carlson                 Joan Casey                  Roger Cavanaugh                
Therese (Chapdelaine) Irons                 Nancy Clement                 
Kellie (Coburn) Stockman                 Robert Collins                 Melinda Comfort                  India (Congleton) Nishi                
Laura (Connolly) Zanghi                 Sonya (Danielson) Little                 Gerald Davis                  Thomas Deacon                
Andrew DeAnda                 Mike Dedominces                  Leroy Delaney                 Marie Diamond                
Michael Dinkelman                 Danny Dodd                  Tamara (Dokken) Mogren                 Jamie (Downey) Barardi                
Dale Dowsing                 Lori (Duncanson) Stanton                  Cyndi (Dyrdahl) Harrison                  Melinda (Eernisse) Sauerlender                 
James Ellington                  Mark Fenske                  Craig Fithian                 Craig Forsloff                
Kenneth Fox                  Ronald Fox                 Molly (Fraher) Studley                 Martha (Fritz) Araki                
Todd Froyland                  Susan (Gayman) Amende                  Tom Gebhardt                  Ione (Gjefle) Coday                 
Patricia (Gosney) Casey                  Mitch Graham                  Richard Graham                 Theresa (Grandon) Garcia                 
Alexander (Gregores) Marshall                  Allen Hall                 Sandra Harris                  Faith (Elaine Hay) Sargent                
Kevin Headland                  John Hebrank                 Lynn Heesen                  Brett Herrin                 
Judy (Hildebrand) Davis                 James Hill                 Kelly Hodgkin                  Wendy (Holte) Johnson                 
Irene (Holwerda) Brown                 Judy (Hood) Gray                 David Horn                 Jeff Hoskin                 
Cindy (Hoskinson) Witter                  Lori (Hoss) Kosko                 Sandy Husband                 Steve Humphries                 
Steve Ittner                  Belinda (Jewell) Speyer                 Sharon (Johnson) Maes                  Judy Judd                 
Janie (Junt) Ward                  Mike Karsten                  Gerrie Kawabata                  Scott Keener                 
Jodi (Kennedy) Stull                  Vickie (Kennett) Cichy                  Lorilee (Kent) Herrin                  John Killeen                
Linda (Knapp) Jewell                  Jill (Knight) Mahoney                 John Krebsbach                  Kathleen (Lane) Prichard                 
Mike Leghorn                  Jane Leonard                 Brian Loeppky                 Jeanne Love                 
Ronald Macoubrie                 Janet Maczko                 Doug Mahugh                 Paul Maki                 
Michael Malmo                  Carl Mangrum                 Jeffrey Markley                  Carrie (McCandless) Kollars                
Dwayne Matt                  Debbie (Matthews) Arment                  Richard McCann                  Nancy McCartney                
Connie McCorkle-Labrecque                 Lesley (McMartin) Bate                  Teresa (McMillen) Vuoso                  Dorothy Messinger                 
Stephen Messinger                  Patrick Mikel                  Kim (Moa) Knudson                 Gayle Moore                
Joceile Moore                 Leonard Mott                 Paul Mueller                  Chris (Muller) Carlsen                
John Muramatsu                 Dean Myers                 Kimberly (Neale) Speer                  Petrina (Nicholas) Lance                 
Tim Nickson                  Chris Nordby                 Tina (Norton) Sumner                  Gregory Noson                 
Randy Notman                  Daniel Novak                  John Nymon                  Kevin Oakley                 
Tom O'Brien                  Kathryn (Oebser) Barker                  Cynthia (Oestreich) Tanner                  Tim Olds                 
Eleanor Oman                  Rolf Onarheim                  Eric Opstad                  Valerie (Paddock) Kobel                 
Kathryn(Parks) Bateman                 Vic Pennington                 Douglas Perry                  Joan (Peterson) Haney                
Daniel Pfluger                  Jim Pierce                  Tim Pierson                  Kenneth Pittman                
Alexander Popoff                 Jeffrey Poskin (JJ Holiday)                  James Poston                  Michael Prichard                
Kevin Pritchard                  Denise (Randall) Miller                 Tim Rasmussen                  Mark Rathburn                
James Ryan                  Dale Rayback                  Phil Rehberg                  Nancy Reid                 
Sara (Reifers) Martin                 Cindy (Remington) Cox                 Ruth Remmereid                  Deborah (Reneau) Russell                
Neil Roberts                  Shiela Robinson                  Allan Rodrigue                  Leslie Rule                 
Janell Sale                  Pat Sandstrom                  Jay Sargent                  Mac Sauerlender                
Mike Schallhorn                  Julie (Schimke) Howell                  Carmel (Schwartze) Porter                  Brian See                 
Debra (Shannon) Law                  Mark Schoner                 Bill Short                 Pam (Simonson) Muramatsu                 
Mark Simpson                  James Sinon                  Tamara (Sloan) Miell                  Darell Smith                 
Elizabeth (Smith) Lee                 Carl Spearow                  Greg Staples                  Matt Starr                 
Lisa (Stevens) Thiesse                  Linda (Stream) Anderson                  Marlana Strickler                  Teresa (Stout) Perry                 
Lisa Strain                  Bob Struzenberg                  Paul Stuhring                  Stanley Swanson                 
Gary Swift                  Dale Tangeman Sr.                  Roy Tellman                  Elizabeth (Thompson) Webber                 
Gary Towe                  Dawn (Trout) Galbreath                  Brian Twidt                  Terry (Utigard) Rathbun                
Kathy (Victor) Dvorak                  Fred Voit                 Valerie (Volland) Burns                  Curtis Walker                
Monte Wallace Sr.                 Tammy (Ware) Sandstrom                  Carolee Walters                  Alison Warp                
Stephen Watanabe                  Judy (Watson) King                 Craig Welker                  Tracey (Weller) Murrell                 
Scott West                 Frank Westerfield                  Nadine (Westhoff) Krebser                 James Whitcomb                 
Bernard White                 Brent White                  Jeanne Wiedenhoft                  William Wieder                 
Nancy (Wilkinson) Sommers                  Mary Williams                  Lloyd Wilson                 David Winkler                 
Ruby (Whitson) Jametsky                  Jeannie (Wright) Jameson                 Marla (Wuthrich) Buck                 Alice (Yeager) Lester                
Cynthia (Yoshino) Heyamoto                  Ronald Younkin                 Fred Zack                  Celia (Zilka) Talcott                
Daniel Zwink                


2006 "Lost" Alumni

Even if you have no interest in the event, let us know so we can cross you off the list.
count=226, last update 08/14/2006.

Jennifer Adkins                  Nancy Amende                  Mark Amer                  Eric Anderson                  Joel Anderson                 
Chris Andrus                  Cindy Armstrong                  Jona Arnbrister                  Thomas Atkins                 
Leigh Atkinson                  Teri Bain                  Michael Ball                  Rick Banks                 
Becki Banning                  Patty Barbuti                  Jeff Barclay                  John Barker                 
Therese Barker                  Sandy Barnhardt                  Jan Bartlemay                 Kathleen Bash                 
Cheryl Beach                  Jesse Beardsley                  Thomas Belleque                  Jay Benner                
Rosalyn Benson                  Diana Bergman                  Ken Betzina                 Caroline Bingham                
Patti Bjorneby                  Ann Blake                  Richard Bodle                  Elizabeth Bolles                 
Karri Borland                  Gary Bosworth                  Jackie Bowen                  Patricia Boydnbsp;              
Raymond Bradford                  Judith Brady                  Rhonda Brady                  Kathy Brinkerhoff                 
Linda Broggi                  Lynette Brown                  Susan Brown                  Wayne Bryson                 
Dale Buckenberger                  Gerry Burke                 Roxanne Burnett                  Kevin Burns                 
Eldon Burrow                  Betty Busch                  Brad Butler                  Kurtis Cade                 
Debbie Cameron                  Roger Campbell                  Chris Campeau                  Eleanor Carlson                
Jeff Carlson                  Marc Carpine                  Timothy Carvo                  Joan Casey                 
Wallace Cass                  April Cawthorn                  Therese Chapdelaine                 Robert Chilton                 
Lynda Chisolm                  Roger Clark                  Susan Clark                  Nancy Clement                 
David Clifford                  Wendy Colgan                  Steve Cole                  Wendy Colfax                 
James Collins                  Robert Collins                 India Congleton                 Deborah Conners                 
Laura Connolly                  Melanie Covey                  Joel Cox                  Martha Craandyke                 
Tonja Crow                  Dawn Crowell                  Vickie Curtin                  Sonya Danielson                 
Don Davis                  Gerald Davis                  Thomas Deacon                 Andrew DeAnda                
Mike Dedominces                  Kimberli Defeo                  Leroy Delaney                 Paul Den                 
Tamara Dokken                 Jamie Downey                 Cindy Driskell                  Douglas Duncanson                 
Lori Duncanson                  Lisa Dutton                  Robert East                  Janet Easter                 
Melinda Eernisse                  James Ellington                  Mike Elliott                  Jack Ellis                 
Janeen Erickson                  Janey Falter                  Thomas Fenner                  Mark Fenske                 
Scott Fernyhough                  Wade Fisher                  Craig Forsloff                 Catherine Foss                 
Kenneth Fox                 Ronald Fox                 Molly Fraher                 Nancy France                 
Roy France                  Todd Froyland                  Jauree Gaylean                  Ione Gjefle                 
Bonnie Goetz                  Susan Goodwin                  Patricia Gosney                  David Graham                 
Lori Grambush                  Cynthia Greer                  Karen Gurley                  Carrol Guy                 
Nancy Guy                  Sandra Haigh                  Catherine Hale                  Allen Hall                 
Cheryl Hamblin                  Patty Hammack                  Cynthia Hammond                  Howard Harding                 
Venetia Harmon                  Sandra Harris                  Mark Hartley                  Brett Hassler                 
Deborah Hatcher                  Dean Haworth                  Howard Haworth                  Diane Hayes                 
Lynn Hazelton                  Kevin Headland                  Barbara Heesen                  Mark Helland                 
Pamela Hendrick                  Jana Hendricks                  Donna Henry                  Pamela Henry                 
Brian Herbert                  Brett Herrin                  Judy Hildebrand                 James Hill                 
Kevin Hite                  John Hixson                  Linda Holt                  Wendy Holte                 
Judy Hood                  Richard Horr                  Cindy Hoskinson                  Lori Hoss                
Tonja Hougardy                  Tim Humphreys                  Steve Humphries                  Sandy Husband                
Steve Ittner                  Tomas Jansson                  Belinda Jewell                  Mike Johns                 
Jeffrey Johnson                  Sharon Johnson                  Judy Judd                  Yvonne Jude                 
Lori Jump                  Janie Junt                  Mike Karsten                  Gerrie Kawabata                 
Jodi Kennedy                  Paul T. Kennedy                  Vickie Kennett                  Lorilee Kent                 
Mark Key                  Paul Killen                 
Linda (Knapp) Jewell                  Jill Knight                  Les Kniskern                 
Gerald Koepping                  Molly Kopecky                  John Krebsbach                 Deborah Kuhn                 
Sandra Kvam                  Marie Kyllone                  Gregory Kym                  Michelle La Grandeur                 
Susan Lamb                  Kathleen Lane                  Charles Laning                  Debra Lanksbury                 
Christine Larsen                  Mark Larsen                  Christi Larson                  Gregory Larson                 
Stanley Lee                  Robert Leghorn                  Jane Leonard                 Jeanine Levack                 
Kevin Lewis                  Debbie Lietz                  Gregg Lindberg                  Danny Linehan                 
Cory Long                  Karen Loomis                  Patricia Loomis                  Megan Loughlin                 
Mary Love                  Chris Lowrie                  Victoria Luoma                  Donn MacKenzie                 
Donald Macoubrie                  Ronald Macoubrie                  Janet Maczko                 Paul Maki                
Carl Mangrum                 Julie Manriquez                  Jeffrey Markley                  Debra Masters                 
Carrie Mc Candless                 Nancy McCartney                 Steve Mc Clumg                  Cheryl Mc Coy                 
Lesley McMartin                  Terri Medley                  Dorothy Messinger                  Stephen Messinger                 
Karen Mestayer                  Jodi Metli                  Lennis Meyer                  Shelley Miell                 
Patrick Mikel                  Herb Miller                  Karen Mitchell                  Marla Mitchell                 
Gayle Moore                 Joceile Moore                 Robert Morris                  Leonard Mott                 
Paul Mueller                  Don Muggoch                  Ueli Muller                  John Muramatsu                 
Teresa Murphy                  Dean Myers                 Kimberly Neale                  Kenneth Ness                 
James Newsom                  Chris Nordby                 Tina Norton                  Gregory Noson                 
Randy Notman                  Daniel Novak                  John Nymon                  Kevin Oakley                 
Kathryn Oebser                  Cynthia Oestreich                  Eleanor Oman                  Rolf Onarheim                 
Eric Opstad                  Mary Ornstead                  Erin Ott                  Valerie Paddock                 
Edward Parkins                  Kathryn Parks                  Alleyene Patterson                  Vic Pennington                
Phil Perreault                  Douglas Perry                  Jody Perry                 
Cindy Peterson                  Douglas Peterson                  Joan Peterson                 Randall Peterson                 
Ross Peterson                  Wendy Peterson                  Daniel Pfluger                  Timothy Pierson                
Kenneth Pittman                 Alexander Popoff                 Kristy Post                  James Poston                
Michael Prichard                 Joyce Purdy                  Brett Ramsdell                  Denise Randall                
Tim Rasmussen                  Mark Rathburn                  Dale Rayback                 Cindy Remington                 
Ruth Remmereid                  Deborah Reneau                  Jerri Reyes                  Debra Reysan                 
Wayne Rikansrud                  Polly Ringoen                  Neil Roberts                  Shiela Robinson                
Leslie Roed                  Deona Rumpza                  James Ryan                  Janell Sale                 
David Sandford                  Pat Sandstrom                  Jay Sargent                  Mac Sauerlender                
John Savell                  Robert Saxton                  Dan Schalow                  Julie Schimke                 
Chris Schlueter                  Mark Schoner                 Lisa Schuller                  Lynn Schultz                 
Brian Scott                  Brian See                 Debra Shannon                  Bill Short                
Greg Simmons                  Mark Simpson                  James Sinon                 Shelley Skinner                 
David Slack                  Tamara Sloan                  Darell Smith                  David Smith                 
Elizabeth Smith                  Kathy Smith                  Paula Smith                  Teresa Smith                 
Steve Snider                  Phillip Sophie                  Timothy Sovold                  Robert Stanneck                 
Greg Staples                  Steve Stark                  Leigh Ann Stemm                 Lisa Stevens                
Robert Stevens                  Teresa Stout                  Linda Stream                  Marlana Strickler                 
Paul Stuhring                 Stanley Swanson                  Gary Swift                  Dale Tangeman                 
Theresa Taper                  Roy Tellman                  Elizabeth Thompson                 Terry Todd                 
Gary Towe                  Mike Troup                  Margaret Trucks                  Terry Utigard                 
Mark Vande Voorde                  David Varnum                  Kathy Victor                  Thomas Viehmann                 
Fred Voit                 Valerie Volland                 Monte Wallace                  Curtis Walker                 
Carolee Walters                  Roxann Walton                  Tammy Ware                  Stephen Watanabe                 
Craig Welker                  Tracey Weller                  Frank Westerfield                  Nadine Westhoff                 
Bernard White                 Ruby Whitson                  Doug Wichelt                  Jeanne Wiedenhoft                 
William Wieder                  Cherie Wigsmoen                  Nancy Wilkinson                  Melodie Wilkins                 
Martin Williams                  Mary Williams                 Robin Williams                  William Williamson                 
Stephen Wilson                  Leanne Wolf                  Pamela Wood                  Jeannie Wright                 
Randy Wright                  Cynthia Yoshino                  Ronald Younkin                 Fred Zack                 
Leslie Zentner