Green waves at Alki

Ugly Green Waves

Close-up of green water at Alki

Close-up of green gross water.

It wasn’t like this twenty years ago. I used to bring my kids down here and they’d go out in the water. Now it’s just gross as are many other bodies of water in the Puget Sound region. I used to go swim in Green Lake almost every weekend but back then the waters were only slightly green now Green Lake looks like a toilet that needs badly to be flushed.

Nutrients that promote the growth of algae and other aquatic plants choke the water near the surface and block light from reaching the depths starving the deeper waters for oxygen and killing off life there.

These nutrients come from inadequately treated sewage and animal wastes as well as lawn fertilizer. What is more important? Bodies of water we can swim in and life can flourish in, or a nice pretty green lawn? Personally, I’d opt for clearer waters at the sound.