Bootleg Radio

During Jr. High and High School, this would be in the time frame from 1971 through 1977, friends and myself operated a number of bootleg radio stations. Some of my friends were captured by the Federal Communications Commission. Somehow I was lucky and evaded capture but there was a couple of close calls. The friends […]

Big Bang Cosmology

What does it mean for space-time itself to expand? Expand into what? What caused the big bang? What caused inflation? If time itself began with the big bang then how could the big bang “start” before time existed? How can we have cause and effect without time? The big bang theory of the universe has […]

Nuclear Fission

Nuclear fission will continue to play an increasingly important role in meeting our energy needs in the short term (say over the next 50 years). There is just no other energy source presently available that can replace fossil fuels fast enough. We have created large quantities of nuclear waste that will take tens of thousands […]

Practical Electric Car

There is a type of cell known as Redox Flow or Vanadium Fuel Cell. A conventional battery has solid electrodes such as lead that participate in the chemical reaction and an electrolyte that serves as an ion transport medium. A redox flow cell by contrast has a solid ionic membrane that permits the exchange of […]

Peak Oil, Energy, Economy, Population

Peak Oil, Domestic Energy, US Economy, World Population, Global Warming… All of these things are linked. Energy consumption scales with gross national product. While it is true that some improvements in efficiency have resulted in greater gross national product per unit of energy, ultimately, energy limits our economic growth and the economic growth of the […]

Middle East Distress

Middle East I am more than a little unhappy about what is happening in the middle east. I think for anyone to believe we have any reason for being there other than obtaining cheap oil that the oil companies can then sell for exhorbitant prices is ludicrous. If we had spent the money we spent […]


Blogging… I’ve been looking for blogging software for some time. I knew about but didn’t realize it had an option for posting elsewhere. It does and the option seems to work perfectly with eskimo’s setup. Blogger is at: It’s free, except that they tag advertisements onto your site. Well that’s reasonable I think […]