Life is Too Short

I just got off of Photosig and as I was looking through the photos, there was a nude done up to look like an Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib. Comments that followed said it was too crass. You know where war and the human suffering that it entails is concerned, I don’t think you can […]

New Material

I told you I’d get some new material for you when I got my camera back. I got a replacement as you can see, they lost the original. I’m still learning how to work it but I’m getting some usable images out of it. I’ve started a Photography forum on my BBS. It’s free, come […]

Strange Phone Call

Tonight I received an unusual telephone call from someone who was convinced I was part of the secret underground cabal. He wanted me to share information with him. I did do a lookup of the number I got on caller ID on Google and found out he was a Hispanic musician in the Los Angeles […]

CompUSA / Mr. Wessel Came Through!

After a year of trying to deal with the people at CompUSA and GE Warranty Management Inc’s 800 numbers, I decided to take it up again with the management of the store I originally bought the Minolta dImage Z1 camera and extended service warranty from. A retail manager there, Mr. Wessel, yesterday promised to contact […]

After Bush

If we make it through the Bush presidency, I hope that American’s will be so sick of the lying and corruption that, as with the post Nixon election, they will demand a squeaky clean president. Jimmy Carter did some very positive things for this country. The Freedom of Information Act gave American’s more access to […]

Dog Gone

We had to have our dog put down today. He has been sick for a while, all indications are cancer though the vets were unable to locate it on an X-ray. He had a melanoma a couple of years ago that was surgically removed, it may have metastisized. All his blood cell counts were low, […]

Baby Boomers, Anti-Aging, Getting Old Anyway…

Anti-aging sites seem to be overtaking porn on the Internet. I guess I shouldn’t find that surprising since the median age of the Baby Boomers is now around fiftyone. It won’t be too long before the term “Baby Boomers” is replaced with the term “Geritol Generation”. I’m fortyseven, on the tails of the Baby Boomers. […]