CompUSA / Mr. Wessel Came Through!

After a year of trying to deal with the people at CompUSA and GE Warranty Management Inc’s 800 numbers, I decided to take it up again with the management of the store I originally bought the Minolta dImage Z1 camera and extended service warranty from. A retail manager there, Mr. Wessel, yesterday promised to contact […]

After Bush

If we make it through the Bush presidency, I hope that American’s will be so sick of the lying and corruption that, as with the post Nixon election, they will demand a squeaky clean president. Jimmy Carter did some very positive things for this country. The Freedom of Information Act gave American’s more access to […]

Dog Gone

We had to have our dog put down today. He has been sick for a while, all indications are cancer though the vets were unable to locate it on an X-ray. He had a melanoma a couple of years ago that was surgically removed, it may have metastisized. All his blood cell counts were low, […]

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