Iraq Death Toll and Monetary Costs

I need to rant about the loss of life in Iraq because it is nothing less than total insanity, but more than that, this war does not make any sense in terms of our national security. I heard the news regarding the number of US servicemen who have died in Iraq so far, it’s just […]

Election Scare Tactics

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how the terrorism propaganda has been ratcheted up now that an election is coming up? Also, you may have noticed how the gasoline prices are falling just before the election. The oil companies are easing up on the artificial shortage they created so that we’ll vote […]

Willie Nelson, Marijuana & Mushrooms

I’m sure you’ve all heard the recent news with respect to Willie Nelson and a few others getting citations for possession of marijuana and “narcotic” mushrooms. The drug laws in the United States are insane. Far more social harm results from the law than the abuse of the drugs that the law is intended to […]

Weird Dreams

I had a couple of very odd dreams last night. In the first one I was out riding a Yamaha motorcycle (is there such a thing?) in some very desert like and remote area. There was this gas station kind of out in the middle of nowhere, very old looking and rundown, but they had […]

Canada, PNE, Rod Stewart

I took two of my kids and wife up to Canada for the last day of the Pacific Northwest Exhibition, a fair that they have in Vancouver BC once a year at the end of summer. It used to be not so heavily commercialized with a lot of fun stuff, lumberjack contests, etc. I have […]


Commonly held belief is that a real objective reality exists, and that for the most part it’s interaction with us is one way. It affects us and we can only in minor, local, and limited ways affect it. Because of various experiences I have had in my life I am not of this belief. I […]

Photography Forum

I would like to invite everyone to please come out my free BBS forums at I’ve got a photography forum there and would love to have more people interested in photography to join. It’s FREE !!! You can post pictures there to share with others (actually links to where you have them hosted), as […]

End of Summer…

August is over, end of summer. Pretty soon the weather will return to the usual dreary rainy cold miserable crap that it usually in the Pacific Northwest. Depressing how fast it went. Was too busy trying to stay alive this summer to have much fun. And still there is much work ahead. There’s got to […]

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