Fired up the stereo today, hadn’t listened to music for a while, live or recorded, but was in the mood today, stereo and computer were both free. I’ve got a collection that pretty much spans time as far as what has been recorded, and genres, though popular music, what used to be called “top-40″ and […]

No Dreams

Strange, after the crazy dreams the night before last, remembered none when I woke up this morning. Haven’t seen the girl reflected in my monitor since I last wrote about it. Haven’t had time to research the history here yet. Received a funny e-mail from some lady in Russia today who as near as I […]

Life Challenges

A constant challenge life presents is to act upon what our heart tells us we should be doing rather than acting out of pain or anger. Usually, these are two different things and doing the former is constructive and improves our lives, but doing the latter is destructive and usually hurts us more than the […]

Disturbed Sleep – Strange Dreams

Had very disturbed sleep and odd dreams last night. Kept waking up into a semi-conscious state, where you’re not really sure where you are or what’s around you. But when I finally woke up all the way, I first had this dream where my wife, Raymond, Eddie, and I lived in a different house, small […]

It’s still a challenge

Did receive a communications from our new found friend, seems our photo scared her off. This is unfortunate because I know to get out of this depressed state I have to increase my physical activity and social interaction. I just can’t do the gym/swim thing, it’s just too painful. If I could find someone to […]

No Hangover

Although I only had two drinks last night they were strong. Tasted like a open bottle of rubbing alcohol smells. But oddly, I didn’t have a hangover this morning. I did sleep solidly for close to nine hours which for me is a marathon session, felt a little irritable when I woke up, but that […]

Old Apple Pie

Do you have any idea what Apple Pie that fell behind something on the floor and didn’t get noticed for a couple of weeks is like? I don’t even want to conjecture on what some of the stuff growing on it was. And the stickiness factor of the remains… Oddly enough, after some experiementation, I […]

Things In The Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

I’ve been thinking about my mental state lately. I’ve come to the conclusion that my view of life is something like the view one gets looking into a convex rear-view mirror. You know, those rounded mirrors that give you a wider angle view but at the expense of distorting the image making things appear smaller […]

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