No Hangover

Surprisingly, I suffered no hangover from our outing at The Slip last night. The two girls that were working that night were long time employees that recognized us. Had just two drinks but they made them really strong and was very toasted by the time I got the second down. Of coarse I don’t drink […]

Birthday, Mood, Dreams

Somewhat optimistic mood has carried over to today, even though there is absolutely nothing material that I am aware of that should be the grounds for that. Maybe it’s just the feeling that a really shitty year is behind. Had some pleasant and fun dreams for a change too last night instead of the usual […]

Finding Meaning & Happiness

I am not being successful at finding meaning and happiness in my life again. My daughter has been gone for a month and a week now, and I still have multiple crying spells during the day. I’m semi-ok, then something reminds me of her in the past, here, and I lose it. My wife would […]

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