New Year

Tomorrow starts a brand new year. I am hopeful that it will bring better things. When I originally started my blog, I had wished to discuss my thoughts on a variety of subjects as well as just kind of journal my day to day life. After making quite a few entries I came to the […]

Christmas Disaster / Chinese

Oh, I am SO not ready for Christmas. What a disaster but between servers that won’t quit dying, tree limbs coming through the roof, etc, this one’s more of a disaster than usual. One nice thing, I finally got the ability to compose and display 中文 on this computer. I’m curious if it will display […]

Links WRT54G

I have to tell you I am not a happy camper when it comes to Cisco / Linksys products. Linksys equipment that I bought prior to Cisco’s acquisition of Linksys worked extremely well for me. Recently, we added a Linksys WRT54G wireless router to our home network here to provide wireless access. It would run […]


I’ve been trying to figure out what to put online that might be useful enough or interesting enough to draw traffic without being porn. So I put into Google, “popular search terms”, and got a number of links to various resources that would show popular terms in various search engines. The first non-sponsored link was […]

Staff Photo

I have had a few people ask if the photo on the Eskimo North Home Page is really our staff and if so which one is me. Our staff is neither that large nor that good looking, well at least I’m not. It is just a spoof there for fun and to convey a wish […]

Social Endorsement of Violence

Recently, a clerk at a 7-11 nearby, across from the Crest theater on 165th and 5th NE, was shot in the back of the head in the early morning hours. The store wasn’t robbed, the motive is unknown. This particular clerk was the nicest most pleasant person you could want to know. That same weekend […]


It’s been an exciting night. We had a tree limb come through the roof last night, and then lost power shortly thereafter. We just got power back about twenty minutes ago. Winds were forecast to gust 60-70 MPH, winds were clocked at over 100 MPH here in Shoreline, 137 MPH at one of the locations […]

Gender Confused Spam

I received this spam this morning and felt it was rather funny. Please note the persons name this is “From”. From Thu Dec 14 00:34:25 2006 From: ” Nancy” To: Subject: Thank you for changing my life.Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 10:29:16 -0400 Hello Thank you for changing my life.I don’t know how I […]


I don’t mind people moving here from California if they don’t try to make this place into California. We’ve lived here for 22+ years. We moved into this place because we liked the wooded atmosphere. Since we’ve moved in here, our neighbors to the west of us cut down most of their trees in the […]

Eddie School Concert

Eddie, my youngest son, performed in a school concert today. He’s the one in the middle of the image behind the kid with darker hair. Motion blur exists because we didn’t want to be rude and annoy others enjoying the performance so an 1/8th second exposure was necessary. He looks just thrilled to be there […]

The Plague of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Take a look at the ingredients in this bottle of catchup (or Ketchup if you prefer). You see the nice line about it being a natural source of the antioxidant Lycopene? Sounds healthy huh? It’s not, look at the ingredients, half-way down you will also see High Fructose Corn Syrup. What’s so evil about that? […]

Funky Argon / Neon? Sign at G.I. J’s

So what gives with this funky neon sign? Most of the sign is white, so probably an argon sign actually, put part of the “G” starts orange and fades to white like there is some neon in the mix and for some reason it differentiates from the argon. This is from the G.I. J store […]

New Extraterrestrial Blog

I have started a blog on the topic of extraterrestrial visitors and UFOs in order to tell of my own experience, theories, and just discuss the subject and current events in the field.

Wave Structure of Matter

I received a comment in response to a short post about why my daughter wasn’t talking to me. It has nothing and everything to do with it I suppose since it is a theory about the nature of everything. I haven’t looked at in detail yet but found the theory about The Wave Nature of […]

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