I don’t mind people moving here from California if they don’t try to make this place into California. We’ve lived here for 22+ years. We moved into this place because we liked the wooded atmosphere. Since we’ve moved in here, our neighbors to the west of us cut down most of their trees in the […]

Eddie School Concert

Eddie, my youngest son, performed in a school concert today. He’s the one in the middle of the image behind the kid with darker hair. Motion blur exists because we didn’t want to be rude and annoy others enjoying the performance so an 1/8th second exposure was necessary. He looks just thrilled to be there […]

The Plague of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Take a look at the ingredients in this bottle of catchup (or Ketchup if you prefer). You see the nice line about it being a natural source of the antioxidant Lycopene? Sounds healthy huh? It’s not, look at the ingredients, half-way down you will also see High Fructose Corn Syrup. What’s so evil about that? […]

Funky Argon / Neon? Sign at G.I. J’s

So what gives with this funky neon sign? Most of the sign is white, so probably an argon sign actually, put part of the “G” starts orange and fades to white like there is some neon in the mix and for some reason it differentiates from the argon. This is from the G.I. J store […]

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