There have been some positive developments recently. A number of things have hurt my business, chief among them my own mental state however, another thing that has been a major problem is dial customers moving to broadband connections and not being able to provide the latter in most locations. Recently that has changed, a company […]


First there was “peak-oil”, the basic idea behind peak-oil is that production peaks at the point where about half the resources are consumed and then production declines and prices sky rocket. No doubt there will be a time when oil production peaks but quite possibly for reasons different than half of the worlds reserves being […]

Oil Stranglehold – History Repeats

While looking for information on current oil refinery capacity and utilization, I run across this Wikipedia page describing exactly the same kind of crap that is happening today happening back in 1911. Exxon’s 2006 profits, $39.5 billion. BP’s 2006 profits, $22 billion, Shell’s profits, $25 billion, all while 2006 was a year of “weak oil […]


It used to be that a scientific breakthrough was something truly revolutionary. In the early days of search engines, before Google, back when Alta Vista ruled, if you searched on breakthrough you could be pretty much guaranteed that what you would stumble on was more than just mundane. I blame the release of Jesus Christ […]

Windows XP Pro SP2 Fix

Microsoft, in an attempt to limit how fast viruses can propagate crippled the TCP/IP stack by restricting it to ten half-open TCP/IP connections. Many perfectly legitimate applications use more than this and this limit slows things down considerably and causes unreliable operations. I first discovered this while troubleshooting a problem with Shareaza, a peer-to-peer file […]

Drink Your Radiation!

Read this article which tells about how they are putting radioactive pollutants into our drinking water supply. What’s scary about this is that it’s real. I’ve known about the Potassium / Polonium connection for a long time. It is a significant contributor to smoking related cancer deaths that for some reason is never mentioned. Tobacco […]


Incredible how accurate the almanac has been this year, snowed every single time that it said that it would. It would be cool if this year wasn’t a fluke and one could actually make plans. I love how un-ugly things get once they’ve got a few inches of snow on them. Ugly power lines, no […]

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