I awoke about 2:48AM out of a dream that involved a visit from a long dead cat which I had, Fred.  Fred was a long haired black beast that was very intelligent and seemed to connect to people, or at least me, very well.  He’s been gone for many years, more than a decade I […]

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Before going to prison, from the time I made up my mind that I wanted to change my life, God has given this verse special meaning to me.  Throughout the […]

Goodbye Mom

My mother passed away early this morning.  She had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and COPD for several years.  It was the COPD that ultimately took her life. She had not recognized me since I returned from prison, did not know who I was, but I had visited Monday and on that visit she had a […]

The Passenger

John B Wells used this as bumper music on Coast to Coast last night, got it stuck in my head and now I’m really fixated on it.  What a ride it is.


Now the Bing! Search Engine makes complete sense!


Woke up from a nightmare where I had symptoms of cancer and they were about to perform all sorts of tests on me.  I hope I don’t die that way, slow and painful.


While I was in prison, my wife bought another dog.  A Doberman puppy she named Mae.  Mae as you can see slouches something awful, seems to have rubber joints that can flex any which way without bothering her. I really didn’t want to get a dog, not knowing if I’d lose the house or not […]

Violent Dream

Last night’s sleep was disturbed, violent dream where I was making some kind of device, a square box about 12 x 20 inches capable of displaying 3d images. A group of thugs, I thought of them as land pirates, broke in intending to off me and my family and steal the devices. I had a […]

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