What Man Does to What God Hath Made…

What God Hath Made

  This was NASA’s image of the day and I just wanted it to stick around a bit longer.

Vision Journal

I’ve added a new resource in the Christian Resources column on the left entitled, “Vision Journal”. I discovered this resource while in prison.  They offer a free two year subscription and it’s a beautifully put together journal with some of the most concise lucid writings I’ve ever read. They address real-world problems, big global problems, […]

Deep Mental Funk

I’m in a deep mental funk right now..  Found Bare Naked Ladies on YouTube (the musical group, not actual bare naked ladies), and found a song, The Old Apartment, where they break into an old apartment where they used to live and relish in the memories. So many of the things from my life are gone, […]

We The People

I put a new link under worthwhile endeavors on the right for the whitehouse petitions portion of the whitehouse.gov website. Mind you, not that I think anything there will be directly actionable but because it at least calls attention to issues and gives us a chance to let our elected officials know what’s on our […]


I’m disturbed by the fact that our federal government is making international treaties that give away our states sovereignty . With respect to marijuana, I have no personal interest in it being legal or not since I haven’t smoked it in 29 years, and when I did the illegal status of it at the time […]

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