Minor Triumph but also Feeling Strange…

Earlier today, I had a problem with Eskimo North’s servers, and the way everything interacts, a problem with one pretty much made them all sick so I had a very difficult time trying to diagnose and correct the problem. Those that know me know I’m prone to anxiety and panic and when I couldn’t quickly […]

Mental Funk

The time approaching Mothers’ Day was particularly difficult this year having lost my mother a few months ago. It’s been really hard to stay focused and get things done, and the temptation to find comfort in things I know I can’t just to not feel the pain, that’s been intense but I’ve managed. At times […]

Police Activity

Yesterday, when I went to get mail from the post office, police had 185th NE in Shoreline blocked off between 5th Ave NE and 10th Ave NE.  I saw a Medic leave from that area on the way back.  I was wondering if anyone knows what was going on? A couple days prior I saw […]

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