My Experience in Washington State Prisons

Recently, I’ve had a couple of nightmares of being in prison.  I thought I’d have these when I got out a year and almost five months ago but I didn’t until the last few days.  There are some things about the experience I want to relate. Most of the guards belong to the Teamsters union […]

Sleepless in Shoreline

Watched The Avengers (the movie with super-heroes not the television series) before going to sleep last night and had a very restless night where I kept dreaming I was a character in the movie, not sure on which side, but was in constant physical battles being thrown up against walls, etc. I don’t always have […]


It’s SAD today (Seattle Area Drizzle).


I’ve been off of anti-depressants for three years and four months now.  I was on them not so much for depression per se’ but for anxiety. Even this far down the road since I’ve been off the meds, I still find myself being overwhelmed a bit at the intensity of emotions. I put on some […]


Someone asked if I were using WordPress (if you look at the very bottom it says powered by WordPress), so yes, I am using WordPress. They also asked if it required any HTML experience, no not strictly speaking, however, it is helpful to know some basic HTML for linking and if you want to customize […]


I am not allowed to use Facebook for personal reasons, so those of you who are trying to contact me for personal reasons, please e-mail me or call, I can’t respond to personal Facebook messages. I am allowed to use it for business reasons, our Business site on Facebook is at

Strange Power Thing

In the evening, a high frequency can be heard from anything magnetic plugged into power lines, arc light ballasts, computer power supplies, you name it.  This is happening between around 8pm-1am.  Usually it’s very high frequency, just on the edge of what I can hear and not very loud, although my son Carl can hear […]

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