The thing I have the most difficulty understanding is how willing people are to go along with this.

Somebody That I Used to Know Cover

I don’t usually have a fondness for covers but this one is fun.  

Speaker Surgery

I’ve got some ancient Radio Shack bookshelf speakers in my office.  These things are at least 30 years old. They sound horrid but until today they were indestructible.  But today, the woofer in one stopped.  No bad noises or anything, just all the sudden nothing except tweet in one channel. So I pulled the grill […]

Fight Club, Life

Rented and re-watched Fight Club. I think the most salient moment in the film is the scene where Tyler Durben holds the convenience store clerk, Raymond K. Hessle, at gun point and then after he lets him go he says,  “Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessle’s life. His breakfast will […]


Had a dream where several friends over, two of whom I hadn’t seen for a couple of decades, one of whom went on to become a movie producer and doesn’t spend much time here now and I imagine also in a totally different class these days, the other his wife, and a third whom I […]

Microsoft buys Nokia

Maybe it’s just me but I can’t see how Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia can possibly portend anything good. Microsoft was the first company to get in bed with the NSA and join the PRISM program contributing data about their customers to the NSA. Now, do you want to be carrying around a device with a […]

Of Conflicts and Lies…

In my view, there are several fundamental conflicts that underlie the human condition. There is the conflict of the individual verses the group. There is a conflict between the biological needs of men and women. There is a conflict between the physical and spiritual realm. Nobody wants to be honest about these conflicts which makes […]

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