End of the Year – Things from the Past…

At the end of the year I often find myself thinking of things gone by and tonight I was thinking about Peanuts, a cartoon I grew up with and always looked forward to the television animated specials.  In particular, I enjoyed the music which was performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.  Here are three of […]

Across The Universe

I was introduced to this film by Steve Meeks, an instructor I had in a Humans Relation class that was part of an Interactive Multimedia course I took while in Prison.  

Winter Solstice Passed

We’re a day past winter solstice here and thank God for that!  Today will be 3 seconds longer than yesterday! I do suffer from seasonal depression to some degree, not crippling but I do have my moments, and the last few weeks getting out of bed in the morning has been a real challenge and […]

Comcast Phone Service

When the contract with Comcast expires, I’m going to look for something else.  I’ve had Comcast telephone service for almost a year now and have had regular problems with it.  Every time I call, I have to go through multiple levels of phone tree and other automated crap before I can talk to a human […]

Cut-n-Paste from Word

I’m amazed at how well cut-n-paste from Word to WordPress worked, tables and all.  Tables are misaligned but otherwise…  Anyway, I’m looking for work, at least part time.  Eskimo isn’t generating enough income for me to service all my personal debts and I want to get out of debt and not lose my home so […]

Looking for Work – Resume

Robert Dinse P.O. Box 55816 Shoreline, WA  98155 Tel:  +1 206 812-0051 Fax: +1 206 812-0054 Email: nanook@eskimo.com   Objective:   To fill a position where I can use my skills and experience to contribute to the growth and success of the company.         Qualifications: • 28 Years of Unix/Linux System Admin, […]

Reincarnation, Consciousness, Nature of Reality

The first question I would ask is, “why would anyone want to come back?” I have read many arguments with respect to the Biblical basis pro and con, and I can draw two conclusions, the Bible supports reincarnation, the Bible flatly denies the possibility. Some of the arguments on both sides fail to recognize that […]

The Federal Reserve Monetary Policy

Janet Yellen, has stated that she will continue Ben Bernanke’s current monetary policy of reducing the money supply if either inflation rises above 1.5% annually or unemployment falls below 6%.  What is the problem with this?  There are many. Holding the line on inflation is necessary but 1.5% is too low.  Some inflation is necessary […]

Elbee Elgee

I’ve changed themes (again).  I find Elbee Elgee to be neater, tighter, easier to read, plus it supports Buddy Press, and is highly tweakable and extensible.  Most of all the content seems easier to read and stands out better.  The BBpress forums provide a means to have side conversations, Mingle provides some social interactivity.

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