Bird Rainbow Sunset

     Of all the sunset photos I captured on the 19th of April from Alki, I am particularly happy with how the colors turned out in this one with the gull taking in all this beauty from the air.

I’m Open

     I think Eddie Vedder and Jim Morrison have one thing not in common, Eddie Vedder has managed, so far, not to self-destruct.  Otherwise they have so much in common in as much as they were both extraordinarily talented poets, singers, and musicians.  But I give Eddie Vedder credit, it takes real guts to be […]

Rainbow Sunset

Jonathon Livingston

California Ave SW

Can’t Get to Work Dream

     This morning I awoke out of a “can’t get to work” dream, as opposed to the usual can’t get home dreams.  I was somewhere where I had not worked for twenty years and the conditions where more like several years after I started, about 35 years ago.      Back then we had three buildings […]

Torn Sun

Gull Play

There is a phenomena I’ve noticed at Alki.  Right after sunset, a breeze reliably kicks up for about fifteen minutes.  During that time all the Seagulls take flight and seem to totally delight in the breeze.  They say that hummingbirds are the only birds that can hover and maintain a stationary position in the air.  […]

Dark Gull

In The Blue Sky

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