Inside the Pepperdock

Burgers cooked with FIRE!  The right way to cook beef.

Climate Change

     Climate change models predict between a .1C and 5C change in temperature in the “high emissions” model.  That’s a disagreement factor of 50x.  They say 2C is the maximum tolerable.  I wonder how many hundred year periods in the past have had less than 2C variations over that period.  I would like to see […]

Lemon Tree / Fools Garden – Official Video

Butthole Surfers on Letterman – Pepper

     I would have thought Letterman too conservative for this.

Seagull Sun Dog

Just a little bit of a prismatic sun dog to the right and below the seagull.

Globe of Frogs, Digital Acoustic Live Performance

Chemtrail Grid

     The GOP is in it with the Aliens!

Birds Fly

Vashon Ferry

Balls and Birds

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