Water World

     This is the result of playing with Gimp.  I really hate gimp as a photo processor but currently I don’t have anything better.  But it is pretty good for creating custom graphics.

Sunset with Ferry

Our Guard Dog

Tina at Pepperdock

We went down to Alki Sunday as the weather was nice and the phones were dead.  My wife, Tina, chowing down on some onion rings at the Pepperdock. Good burgers there, friendly staff, reasonably priced.

People Enjoying Alki Beach

Olympic Mountains from Alki after Sunset 4/19/2015

Am I Angry?

     Am I angry?  Yes I am.  I moved here three decades ago to get away from the crap that was happening in Seattle.  It was unincorporated King County here and a decent place to live.  Now it’s just Seattle Jr.  It’s been ruined by land developers.

Why Youth Don’t Live In Shoreline

     Shoreline has become a city where people mostly want to come to die.  The City Council wants some younger people who are still working and not retired to come here to be exploited (pay the taxes to finance their land redevelopment to make the land city council members own more valuable) but for the […]

Shoreline Bullshit

     I’ve been annoyed by the way things close down here at night, it didn’t in my youth, and I just found out there is a city ordinance that forces everything, with the exception of Casino’s and 7-11, which is grandfathered in, to close at 1PM.   As a resident, I find this more than a […]


   This can be especially difficult when you work from home as I do.  You don’t leave the office often even when you’re not working.  The point remains the same, it is necessary to achieve a reasonable balance.  It’s hard not to admire the work ethic of someone like Elon Musk, and all that he […]

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