Hello world!

Shortly after Google ate Blogger.com, they discontinued FTP publishing which I relied on.

Hosting the blog on blogspot.com was not an option since it would take the domain off of my host and put it on Googles were I had no control and leave a bunch of broken links where people had linked to my blog.

The custom domain was also not an option since I have a lot of content besides the blogs that wouldn’t go there.

And at the time WordPress didn’t run well on our server and the most current version didn’t run at all.

I’ve just upgraded Eskimo’s server to Apache 2.4.3 running under CentOS 6.3 on an I7-2600 machine.  This platform provides decent response and can run the most current version of WordPress.

I used the Blogger import module to import my Blogs, at least those I wanted to keep.  It didn’t handle the sidebar so I’ve got a bit of work to do to get the old look and feel back but basically here we are.


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