Sky And Water At Carkeek Park

... and stairs and flowers and other things ...

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These images were taken with a Minolta Dimage Z1 Camera

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Sky and water at dawn on a cloudy
day at
Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA. 2005

I took this photograph at 6 AM at Carkeek Park, Seattle, Washington.
I couldn't sleep that morning so went to Beth's Cafe and had breakfast and then drove over to Carkeek Park.
It was actually about ten minutes before six when I arrived but the gates were already opened.

Railroad tracks heading northward
from Carkeek Park.

Railroad tracks headed north from Carkeek Park, Seattle, Washington.
We should maintain our ralroad infrastructure because trains can be converted to run off of just about any energy source.
Cars and trucks are more difficult to convert to alternatives.
As petroleum becomes scarce we will need an alternate to cars and trucks to move goods and people.

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Railroad tracks north from Carkeek
Park, Seattle, Washington, showing failed retaining

Railroad tracks headed north from Carkeek Park, Seattle, Washington
showing a location where the retaining wall appears to have failed.
One has to wonder how long before the track bed erodes from under the
tracks and a bad accident results.

Puget Sound looking northwest from
Carkeek Park, Seattle, Washington

Looking out over the Puget Sound to the northwest from Carkeek Park.
This picture was taken just after dawn so the sun isn't on the water
because of the land to the east and so the water appears real dark.

Burnt driftwood on Carkeek

Burnt driftwood on Carkeek Beach, unfortunately also accompanied by some litter.
I wish people wouldn't litter or otherwise harm natural places.

Creek dumps out at Carkeek forming
a little mini-delta at the south end of the

A creek dumps out at the south end of Carkeek Park Beach forming a little mini-delta.

Railroad tracks southward from
Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA.

Railroad tracks heading south from Carkeek Park, Seattle, Washington.

Edmonds point viewed from Carkeek

Edmonds point north of Carkeek Park viewed from the train track overpass at Carkeek Park.
You can see what's left of the shell oil terminal.
They're building a sewage treatment plant there that will soon be dumping yet more crap into Puget Sound.
There already are so many nutrients in the water from lawn run-off and the like that it's already choked with algea and seaweed.
The sea floor is contaminated with toxic heavy metals.
We really should take better care of our planet.

Stairs at Carkeek

Stairs leading down from the upper parking lot to lower level at Carkeek Park.
I thought the purple tint looked cool.
I think it's actually grey but it is an optical illusion caused by all the green plants around them.
The camera sees it the same way because I had it on automatic white balance and it has no good reference.
I actually like the fact that this camera seems to respond to color so much like the human eye.

Flowers at Carkeek

Flowers at Carkeek. I just liked the intensity of color and texture.

Carkeek Environmental Educational

Carkeek Environmental Educational Center.
You can see 18 solar photovoltiac solar panels on the buildings rooftop.
There are an additional 18 panels mounted on poles.
Each panel is 100 watts peak generating a total of 3.6 kilowatts of peak power.
This provides approximately half the buildings energy requirements.
The building also harvests rainwater from the roof for flush toilets.

Pole Mounted Solar Photovoltaic

The rest of the solar photovoltiac panels providing power for the Carkeek Environmental Educational Center.
What is impressive about this installation is that it's in one of the worst possible locations,
Seattle, which has more overcast days than anywhere else in the known universe except maybe for Venus,
and it's on the west slope of a steep hill so it gets no morning sun,
and it's surrounded by tall vegetation which shades the panels even more.
Still, with all of these handicaps it provides about half the buildings power.

Flowers and rock at Carkeek
Environmental Educational Center.

Some more flowers and a very nice rock.
I'm finally tired now. I'm going back home and going to sleep.