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A: How can I get help with my flagged or blocked ad?

If you paid for your ad then there is contact information in the craigslist help sections for paid ad posters.

If you posted a free ad then the options are more limited. You are not going to get lots of support for a totally free service. You can try emailing or but you get a form letter FAQ (worth reading)---and often no other reply. There are a huge number of flagged off ads every day and craigslist does not have the staff to answer an email from everyone. Remember they have to look up the ad and then pretty much make the same guesses as anyone else. They don't have the manpower to answer everybody. Still there are a number of resources:

You already found this document. If you read everything you may get some ideas about what went wrong.

Craigslist has two help forums staffed by volunteers ("Peanuts" as in Peanut Gallery). One is the Help Desk Forum and the other is the Flag Help forum. Craigslist staff seldom participate in these forums. When they do their "handles" (forum name after the headline of the post) appears in gold with a little halo next to it. They tend to use real names. Jimº is Jim Buckmaster, Craigº is Craig Newmark, and so on. The Flag Help forum is the place to ask about flagged off ads.

It may be wise to consider actually posting in the forum to be the last resort. Read on...

Some things to know about the Flag Help forum:

Note: there are an estimated 7.5 Million ads flagged off every month. That's about 250,000 per day. But only a hundred or so people a day show up in the Flag Help forum asking for help. These sorts of numbers don't suggest craigslist staff should spend much time riding herd on the forum.

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