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How to use this FAQ

  1. Read, read, read. There is a lot of information here, mostly about the flagging system. The more you understand about how this system works, the more skillful you will be at staying on the right side of it. You will also be more able to keep your craigslist site cleaned up and free of bad ads. Bad ads (like spam) bury your ad when you try to post and get in your way when you are reading the list looking for something.

  2. Make sure your Javascipt is turned on in your browser. There are no ads here, no banners, no junk. You're safe. We use Javascript a lot for navigation, you will need it enabled.

  3. We use many links. This is a key to the link icons:

  4. The flagging links on the upper right of many pages do not actually flag anything. They do go to the older craigslist flagging confirmation page.

  5. Easter eggs exist.

If you find broken links, messed up links or something that just doesn't work correctly, please let us know at:


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