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A:Hey, I can't post. Did I get blocked!!??

If you posted an ad and it appears to be live in your account, but no amount of searching will find it on the site, then indeed this is one kind of blocking. It is commonly known as "ghosting". This is an anti-spam move and the idea is to NOT alert the spammer that their ads are invisible. If you are having this problem the basic solution is to not look like a spamer (or if you ARE a spammer, spam some other site). Your best bet for sorting this out it to visit the craigslist Help Desk forum and look around. It is a fairly common problem and there will be a lot of discussion. You should be able to get enough ideas to get your ad live without actually having to post yourself.

If you tried to post an ad and something popped up that said "Yer blocked suckah! Bwahahahah!" then yes, you're blocked. You are also trying to post on the wrong site. The 'Blocked' message on craigslist is more polite and it looks something like this:


This posting is being blocked (Blocking Log Entry 123456):

Common reasons include:

Many other possible reasons for blocking are listed in the Conduct section of our Terms of Use


Look familiar? We made up the error number. These are not error codes, they are more like serial numbers assigned to each blocked post and they track exactly what the problem is. CL staff can look up the number and know what happened with your ad.

O.K. So what do you do about it? There are 4 kinds of blocks so first you need to find out what you are up against.

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