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A: Why is this FAQ linked on craigslist.........or is it?

To my knowledge, as of this writing, it isn't. Over the last seven or so years it has been linked in various places on craigslist and the links have been changed around repeatedly. At one point they were on every page and there were a whole set of links in the flaghelp forum.

Where have they gone, and why? Beats me. I always thought it a bit odd that a site would link to another site that provided user written documentation that it itself was lacking. But I figured CL staff just wanted to help some people out. Perhaps now they don't want to help some people out. Or they are embarrassed (I would NOT be surprised, they oughta be). Or they think This document might give the bad guys an edge (somebody tell me they can't be that stupid....but I have underestimated stupidity before, more often than not in fact). Anyway, it doesn't matter. This document has had way over 10 million visitors, mostly due to those links. It was getting 9000 hits a day at one point (about 50 now). Judging by how much time people spent on the site (20 minutes of reading and anyone should be able to get something out of it) it was (hopefully) helping about 350-400 people a day. In my little world, that's a lot. And I'm rather proud of it too. I hope if any of the old gang stops by and reads this they will also be proud of it.

Anyway, back when it was last linked, the text below was the answer to this FAQ item. I'm leaving it here because it makes one point that still stands: Don't quote us, we may be wrong.



Craigslist staff links various public sites for their own reasons. We suppose it is an endorsement of sorts (and are flattered) and we assume we aren't too off base on the general content. But this is still an unofficial user effort and it changes periodically. What you read here today might not have been here when staff linked it. So don't hold it against them, O.K.?

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