Hi Michelle - what is this utility about? Basically, wanted is the simplest way to search for a keyword(s) in a group of media or industry titles or documents. By simplest, no database system in the background. Simple for people or a company to maintain. All the person(s) would have to do is edit a file; the file might get big, but by then a decision would be made to move what people have edited into a database.

This 'utility' is basically a search-engine with defined content, manually maintained. There is no keyword-search but this page will find companies in an industry sector, return the company name and a link to the company website. The links are guessed at, and may fail. The drop-down (a HTML select) ensures only valid sectors are chosen; the sectors in the drop-down are also manually maintained. The company/website links are also manually maintained.

Small-scope, as I said. Even when complete, small scope. However, an educational exercise. Perl is the language for both pages. For more about Perl, see http://www.perl.org/. Before these pages I'd done little with Perl except hooked up to a database (MySQL). This is done through Perl's database integration (DBI) layer, to interface with third-party databases including Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, and MySQL.

Search in what industry sector?